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The Great CRE CRM Debate 2019 featuring RealNex

Posted by RealNex on Jul 23, 2019 8:00:00 AM

RealNex Vice President, National Business Development, Matthew Smith was a featured presenter in the 3rd Great CRE CRM Debate hosted by The Massimo Group. RealNex was featured among the top 4 leading CRM platforms for commercial real estate professionals. Several hundred attendees from across North America joined in to participate in the live webinar clearly indicating the topic is “hot”, as industry professionals seek out ways to add value to their clients and improve productivity. Per host, Rod Santomassimo, “What CRM should I use? is the Number 1 question I get after the first one, how can I maximize my income?!”. While not truly a “debate”, the forum provided an opportunity for listeners to learn broadly about CRM and differences among each of the commercial real estate platforms.

During the hour-long forum, Matt had the opportunity to provide an overview of the value of a CRM(Client Relationship Manager), the benefits of a commercial real estate centric CRM and how RealNex is ideally built from the ground up specifically to serve the needs of the industry. In addition to providing a foundational overview, Matt responded to a series of questions from Rod and the audience dealing with specific pain points and challenges consumers often have with CRM, like exporting and importing data, customer service, customization, reporting and more fundamental, breaking old habits to build and maintain a system with data integrity.

With RealNex, Matt highlighted, users get more than a generic CRM, they receive a purpose built commercial real estate system complete with asset information management. He stressed the value of the relational database power of RealNex, which easily relates every person to any number of companies, and likewise contacts and companies to any number of properties and projects whether as owner, tenant, lead, vendor or party to a comp sale or lease. By having these relationships built, powerful queries can be implemented to target the best prospects for business development, deal-making as well as provide comprehensive report for clients, management and personal use.

Matt also focused on the importance of mobility and integrations. RealNex has a powerful mobile app, putting the full database in the palm of your hand. You can even take photos and create listings, comps and building stacks on the fly in the field and with voice dictation follow-up is easier than ever. And, with outlook and gmail integration, calendars, contacts and emails are synced to make sure information is up to date and consolidated as efficiently as possible. Automation was also demonstrated as a key time-saving and efficiency driving aspect of RealNex. As an example the Timelines feature was showcased, using the Guide-Me wizard to build complex multi-stage processes. RealNex Timelines can be pre-built for any oft repeated process, where a series of events are set, staged and assigned so with a click of a button any number of actions among any number members can be assigned.

Better than cumbersome third-party integrations used by other solutions, Matt shared how RealNex goes far beyond CRM to offer Transaction Management, Financial Analysis, Presentation, Deal Rooms, Hosted Listing Display and a global listing portal with emarketing campaign management. Without having to deal with multiple vendors, support desks, contracts and exorbitant cost, the all-in-one RealNex Solution delivers a CRE centric CRM and a whole lot more, for a whole lot less.

Click the link to access a recording of The Great CRE CRM Debate webinar highlights.

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