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RealNex MarketPlace Enhancements Improve User Experience and System Performance

Posted by RealNex on Jul 26, 2018 8:00:00 AM

HOUSTON-July 25, 2018-RealNex, a commercial real estate technology company, today announced several advancements to its MarketPlace solution that dramatically improves the user experience. The RealNex MarketPlace is a powerful Listing Management tool for commercial real estate brokers and a dynamic property marketing engine that drives transactional efficiency for buyers, sellers and end-users.

“With tremendous enthusiasm for the new MarketPlace release in May, our listing count has increased more than 35%, and we have continued to partner with our clients to rapidly advance the platform even further. Our clients are excited about how our powerful foundation enables us to rapidly respond with new innovations,” noted RealNex CEO Jeffrey Finn.

The broad spectrum of enhancements makes the platform easier, faster and more robust, from better responsive design for mobile devices to dramatic improvements in speed.  A new menu structure also makes the user experience simpler and even more intuitive. From a functional standpoint the primary focus of the new capabilities is in the areas of Search, Listing Management and Reports.

The robust search interface includes a new side bar panel that elegantly hides or stays pinned based on user preference. The criteria are tightly grouped with dependencies that limit choices based on prior selections to make searches foolproof. Saved Searches can be cloned, modified and “Saved As” to quickly search multiple scenarios. Specific searches can be driven with multiple property IDs, and users can now save and return to map-based polygon or radius searches.

A new summary display showcases more listings per screen even while presenting more complete listing details. And when navigating into property detail, users return to the prior slot on the search result panel. In addition, client Watch List Search results can be dragged and dropped to configure in the desired order.  The result is that users can create client-ready, branded property surveys and tours without leaving the MarketPlace.

The listing management enhancements allow teams to work more effectively together.  Support teams can easily find and select specific agent’s listings and effectively maintain updates and activities. The search panel is now prominently presented to make it easy and obvious to filter hundreds of listings to just the handful that need to be worked on. And, display modifications make it much simpler to know which listings need updating or to simply “Confirm Current”. 

Several new reports have been added with alternate presentation designs to facilitate client service, and file sizes have been dramatically reduced. The system has also embedded “Walk Me” Orientation Tours to assure users are aware of all the valuable features and have the best on-boarding experience.

“I have been working very closely with our customers since we rolled out the new platform. They continue to have incredible ideas on how to take the system to the next level and our team has been rapidly responding to their desires to deliver the most complete and efficient listing management platform,” added RealNex Chairman Mark Kingston.


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