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Don't Miss These 4 New Features in RealNex 3.0

Posted by RealNex on Mar 28, 2018 9:00:00 AM

RealNex is stepping things up in the CRM world with the launch of RealNex 3.0. This new release includes new features and integrations between MarketEdge, MarketPlace and CORE CRM. RealNex 3.0 is a single solution that can be used during the entire commercial real estate deal process from inception to the finalized deal. RealNex 3.0 eliminates repetitive data, provides detailed financial analysis and report capabilities, and creates listings with one click that are freely available to the entire commercial real estate market.

Don’t miss these four features of RealNex 3.0

More Powerful CORE CRM mobile app for IOS and Android

It’s no surprise that CRE agents are constantly mobile and need the flexibility of using their phones and with RealNex 3.0, it is now possible to use the CORE CRM mobile app to the fullest. Everything from contacting clients, to looking up activity history, comps or listings is possible via the mobile app. This helps brokers continue to offer their clients top quality service, regardless of whether they are in the office or not.

Robust Email Marketing Platform

There has never been a better system for putting together email marketing campaigns than with RealNex 3.0. With this feature, brokers can put together unique email campaigns that can be sent to private contacts or the expanded RealNex community. This will help keep brokers top-of-mind with their clients and can help them prospect more efficiently. As digital marketing becomes one of the most successful forms of marketing, it is vital that brokers have access to a robust email marketing platform that can help them produce professional looking emails to send to both prospects and clients.

Powerful Dashboards

RealNex 3.0 offers a more powerful dashboard so that brokers can closely monitor their property listings, email campaign statistics and their leads. This is a key feature that will help brokers continue to monitor their progress and improve their approaches to email marketing, lead generation and property listings. This unparalleled feature can help brokers increase sales volumes and focus on areas that they may need to spend more time developing.

Advanced Search Features/Improved Menus

Brokers don’t have too much time to spend searching for important information or files, which is why RealNex 3.0 is offering advanced search features so that brokers can locate items easily. The improved menus offer streamlined navigation and quicker and more efficient search functions for brokers to use to be more prepared for client meetings and prospecting calls.

The all new MarketPlace helps commercial real estate brokers efficiently connect with the CRE market. These new features are fully market-driven and offer brokers the ideal all-in-one solution for every single step of the sales process. RealNex is dedicated to offering clients an overwhelming value with the new platform. RealNex is a true partner during every step of the deal making process, from the first phone call to the closing of the transaction. We are proud to offer new features and integrations with RealNex 3.0 that we know will help you become a more successful broker.

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