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RealNex Releases Major Upgrade to MarketEdge

Posted by RealNex on Jun 26, 2019 5:00:00 PM

Enhanced Design Editor, Atop Powerful Financial Analysis Engine, Allows Flexibility and Control to Transform Proposals and Presentations

Stafford, TX – June 26, 2019 – RealNex, a commercial real estate technology company, today announced the release a major upgrade to its MarketEdge Solution. MarketEdge is an integrated commercial real estate financial analyses and presentation tool. Its unique “Propose to Close” capabilities have been adopted by thousands of professionals. The new system has adopted by CCIM Technologies Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of the CCIM Institute, as a member benefit for all CCIM Technologies’ 9,000+ Premium Subscribers.

The latest generation of the solution is a major update to the presentation engine, enabling users to develop highly customized and perfectly branded, flyers, brochures, proposals and offering memoranda among other marketing materials.

The latest release was developed under the direction of RealNex Chief Technical Officer Tim Creagh. Tim, a 30-year veteran and pioneer of commercial real estate software development, brought to bear his unmatched domain expertise to overhaul the MarketEdge platform. Noted for his pioneering work with commercial real estate CRM, Real Estate Assistant (REA), which sold over 100,000 licenses, and the migration of that platform to what is now RealNex CORE CRM, Tim has now added his stamp to MarketEdge.

“The New MarketEdge platform is incredible. We are very proud of the work Tim and his team delivered in this release,” noted RealNex CEO Jeffrey Finn, “Now clients can seamlessly flow from the RealNex CORE CRM to MarketEdge to create detailed financial analyses and first-class presentations. This is just the beginning of the MarketEdge Transformation.” 

At its foundation the MarketEdge platform is an easy yet powerful financial analysis engine. It generates up to 20 years of detailed financial analyses for investment property and can swiftly compare and contrast up to 5 leases side-by-side. The analyses generate a plethora of Discounted Cash and Rate of Return charts and reports. Dashboards provide for individual as well as portfolio views, analytics and metrics.

In addition to the traditional investment and lease analysis, MarketEdge comes with a sophisticated Development Analysis tool generating a comprehensive host of reports to determine project feasibility.

Atop the Financial Analysis engine. MarketEdge include a robust presentation system. The presentation tools takes the information from the database to create any number of professional designed and custom branded outputs. MarketEdge allows users to pick and choose pages to create all the presentations needed to win business and sell property. Starting with single page flyers users can add modules and components to create multipage brochures, opinions of value, comprehensive proposals, and even full offering memoranda and property websites. MarketEdge even includes unlimited private and secure Deal Rooms.

This major update to MarketEdge focused on streamlining and enhancing the marketing presentation system. Our new design editor efficiently merges listing data to efficiently create a complete marketing campaign and allows an incredible level of flexibility and control. All of our presentations can now be made in landscape or portrait orientation and all edits can be made directly on the page.

MarketEdge has added several new alternatives and tools to Cover, Photo, Property Summary, Property Description and Section Pages. We are also adding a powerful new Business Mapsdisplay. And, we have substantially expanded the property database to make the system even more powerful and easier to use. New photo, image and logo libraries enhance output and efficiency. The powerful new photo editor enables panning, zooming and re-sizing to make images the most impactful. By including multiple logos, users can assure their brand stands out no matter the color of the background.

Cover Pagesnow include in-line editing and 32 pre-designed templates with a variety of portrait and landscape formats. While the system templates automatically adopt the users default color palette and logo, completely custom formats can be created to match a clients exacting brand standard. Specific presentations can also be modified with different colors or looks on a case-by-case basis. We have also added 4 new Section Pagestyles. Each Section can have its own style, header and background image.

Property Summaryand Property Description Pagescombine images, text and bullets on pre-designed pages to highlight key attributes of the property offering. The system allows users to create, save and load pre-formatted templates for each type of offering desired. By applying a template, data automatically populates the format to swiftly create a professional presentation. Even after it is created the presentation can be easily edited – fields can be added or edited, reordered or even deleted. And, text can be sized to properly fit the page.

When property offerings require a wide variety of images, MarketEdge delivers up to 6 Photo Pageswith up to 6 pictures per page. Each page can be formatted with 1, 2, 3, 4 or 6 images and all images can be labeled to highlight the area of focus. Photos are easily uploaded to the library and once selected users can pan, zoom and re-size to home in on exactly what they want to highlight.

With our new Business Maps, you can pick and plot any area business by their industry/use type or company name. Locations can then be identified on the map with logos or coded to a key legend. And, with the ability to add unlimited PDFs, proposals and presentations are as complete as possible.

Once presentations are built, listings can also be seamlessly published into the RealNex MarketPlace and client websites.

To learn more about each of the new section additions please check out a video overview.

You may also want to check out brief "How to" highlight clips of 

To learn more about the full power of MarketEdge and how these new enhancements are applied, RealNex hosts a series of persona-based product demos each week. To join a RealNex demonstration click here.



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