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Posted by Jeff Finn on Sep 14, 2020 8:00:48 AM

RealNex Navigator offers Seamless Technology for a Competitive Edge in Financing, Marketing, Leasing and Managing Acquisitions and Dispositions 

September 9, 2020 Stafford TX -- RealNex, the leading commercial real estate technology company, announced today the release of its next generation solution. With this major milestone the company has rebranded its comprehensive suite of solutions as RealNex Navigator. RealNex Navigator is the culmination of ongoing advances by the company since its formation in 2014 to deliver the most complete end-to-end CRE software solution at the most affordable price. RealNex Navigator achieves tight integration among its four components to streamline workflows and improve productivity.

With the release of RealNex Navigator, the company announced significant enhancements to its cloud-based solutions including CRM, for prospecting, business development, and deal management, MarketEdge for financial analyses and presentation building, Transaction Manager, its collaborative tenant representation and leasing application, and MarketPlace, the global community to list, search and market commercial property.

“We could not be more excited about Navigator,” said Jeffrey Finn, CEO of RealNex. “The team has done an extraordinary job of listening to the market to deliver a complete solution that thoroughly meets the needs of our industry and addresses the myriad technology integration challenges our clients experience. When we set out on this journey, we recognized that the market lacked a comprehensive end-to-end solution. While everyone else was building siloed point solutions, we were building a full platform.”

Massive enhancements have been delivered across the Navigator platform. The latest generation of CRM includes a host of new features such as inline editing, expanded global replace, filtering by groups, cloud back-up, context sensitive right click short-cuts, system speed optimization, organizational hierarchies, and saved email attachments. The RealNex cloud CRM capabilities now exceed its market-leading legacy desktop application.

MarketEdge has received a complete overhaul. The brand-new presentation builder includes an intuitive workflow to create beautiful branded flyers, brochures, proposal and offering memorandums. The design editor enables flexible control of page layouts on a library of included pages as well as the ability to create and save personally customized pages. Investment analyses has been honed and a host of reports have been refined and refreshed. The new comparative lease analysis module has been expanded to readily support alternative lease scenarios as well as multiple lease comparisons and results now include balance sheet calculations to support new FASB accounting regulations. Virtual Deal Rooms have been updated to include nested drag and drop folder structures to facilitate on-line investment sales.

Improvements to MarketPlace include the ability to download properties to CRM and the ability to manage subscriptions to featured properties and email campaigns across organizations and teams. Email campaigns have been upgraded with a variety of new design choices and the MarketPlace community is doubling to include over 200,000 active professionals.

Transaction Manager which creates online property tours and automates the leasing process has gotten a facelift to share the user interface of the other applications and is now pre-populated with over 500,000 properties nationwide from the RealNex marketplace.

Across the board, RealNex Navigator has a fresh new look and feel including a new user interface with a navigation panel to more easily access all the solutions, expanded in app training and tight integration for data to flow seamlessly across the platform. License and brand management make it easier than ever for large organizations to assign users and permissions and to set up to profiles that control the branding of all materials at the enterprise level.

To enable familiarity with the Navigator platform, RealNex is hosting a series of informational webinars now through early October. Registration information can be accessed here:

“This is an incredibly important step forward by RealNex. So significant that a re-branding was in order. No longer a ‘Suite’ of multiple pieces, with Navigator we deliver a singular comprehensive solution to the market. Each module best in class; in combination, an unmatched scope and value. From beginning to end, Navigator enables our clients to chart their course to their destination of success,” commented RealNex Chairman Mark Kingston.

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