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Pix Acquires Assets of View Labs to Broaden Array of Premier Visualization Services

Posted by RealNex on Jun 3, 2024 9:13:11 AM

Adds true 360° interactive video, augmented reality, virtual experiences including aerial tours to its offering

May 28, 2024, Stafford, TX – Pix, a leading real estate visualization company, announced today it has acquired the assets of View Labs to further expand its suite of offerings. View Labs, a video and digital solutions provider, has developed several proprietary tools and technologies to enable 3D visualization. Specifically, Pix has acquired the patents and rights to 360° Video, Augmented Virtual Reality (a mixed-reality technology), Aerial Tours, Sizzle Reels and 360° Meet–video conferencing.

Since its founding in 2016, View Labs has pushed the boundaries of what 360° technology can do by creating interactive, user-friendly digital solutions. Its proprietary stack of virtual solutions has helped businesses modernize their online content by creating moving 360° video, metaverse experiences, digital twins, virtual touring, AVR and more while utilizing data analytics to track viewer and customer behavior and engagement. View Labs’ tools can create virtual environments at higher quality and faster speeds than alternative technologies allowing users to see a space as it would appear in the real world, with virtual and interactive elements. The automated robot technology allows for the capture of much larger spaces and outdoor spaces.

Together with Pix’ offerings, this comprehensive suite of assets creates all-encompassing digital worlds that blur what is real and imaginary, developing hyper-realistic, interactive experiences that will serve the needs of various industries including real estate, construction, entertainment, retail, hospitality, technology and enterprise services.

“By acquiring the View Labs assets, we substantially broaden our offerings to visualize the built world. While the foundation of Pix was to visualize ‘what could be’ using virtual reality, we can now more effectively visualize ‘what-is’ with our robotic cameras and video capture,” noted Pix CEO Glenn Petillo. “As visual technologies become more prevalent in our digital world,  PIX will continue to lead, providing cutting-edge advantages to our clients.”

About Pix

Pix (formally know as Pavonis Property Immersion Xperience, Inc.,) was founded by a group of successful real estate veterans and business leaders in conjunction with interactive 3D computer gaming and virtual reality pioneers to develop state-of-the-art, immersive 3D virtual experiences for real estate and related industries. The suite of Pix offerings includes 3D Virtual Reality Models, Renderings and Property Videos. The unique Pix platform can be combined with embedded video chat, live video feeds, data visualization and artificial intelligence capabilities that can be delivered across any platform.  Pix models harness the team’s vast experience across real estate, gaming development, architecture and simulation to deliver solutions that target your business objectives and resulting return on investment.  Pix’ vision is to revolutionize the way businesses and consumers become better informed and make better decisions by using virtual reality and other visualization technologies.



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