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Powerful Analyses, Persuasive Presentations with RealNex MarketEdge

Posted by Jeff Finn on Sep 23, 2019 4:00:00 PM

In the September 19, 2019 session of the Webinar Series, Jeffrey Fisher, Ph.D and Jeffrey Finn, CEO of RealNex reviewed the fast and easy development of detailed investment financial reports and the efficient creation of proposals, flyers, opinions of value and offering memorandums.

The process starts with key inputs. The base property information and rent roll can now easily be imported directly from your RealNex CRM to save time and assure consistency. Add to the base information assumptions for lease up, renewals, vacancy, rental growth rates and expenses and the system automatically develops a host of sophisticated spreadsheets, graphs and reports.

Resultant outputs include:


  • Cash Flow Analysis
  • Annual Property Operating Data (APOD)
  • Financial Indicators
  • Resale Analysis
  • Loan Analysis
  • Investment Return Analysis
  • Cumulative Analysis


  • Property Equity Analysis
  • Equity vs. Debt
  • Operating Income Analysis
  • Gross Income vs. Operating Expense
  • Cumulative Wealth Analysis

In addition to the property analyses the MarketEdge system also allows you to track comparable sales and leases and present the subject property in comparison to the market using a host of metrics like Cap Rate, GRM and Rate per Sq. Ft. or Unit.

These comparisons, metrics, projections and charts are then packaged into a variety of presentations and reports for use in your marketing materials. The system allows you to easily create Templates to streamline the production of:

  • Flyers
  • Brochures
  • BOVs
  • Proposals
  • Offering Memorandums

We have a wizard to help you build your templates or you can simply drag and drop pages from the menu, and we build the template section by section. We even automatically create table of contents, maps, aerials and demographic reports. Atop the financial and system generated reports, MarketEdge allows for ample narrative overviews, photo displays and related customization with direct inputs or the addition of pdf attachments.

As far as the look and feel of the presentations, the base system comes loaded with 32 layouts, which can be customized with your colors and logo. If that is not enough, we can create completely custom branded designs to meet your standard.

Simply pick the Layout and Template and MarketEdge does the rest. You can then share the presentation as an e-document, pdf or a link. You can even attach a private and secure Deal Room to facilitate document distribution and monitor prospect engagement.

Click the link to access the presentation deck and webinar recording to learn how to create Powerful Analyses and Persuasive Presentations with RealNex MarketEdge.


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