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Posted by Jeff Finn on Oct 2, 2020 9:00:00 AM



Stafford, TX -- September 30, 2020 -- RealNex, the leading commercial real estate technology company, today announced the acquisition of a 25% interest in Pix, bringing to the RealNex platform an integrated set of virtual reality solutions to more effectively market properties and accelerate sales. The Pix range of offerings includes QuickTour, a cost-efficient, high quality, web-deployed modeling capability to showcase buildings and spaces even before they are built; RealFit, a powerful real-time test-fit tool to ensure that a particular space aligns with end-user requirements; and PropertyMax, a photo-realistic and fully immersive virtual model of existing or planned properties or communities.

“RealNex has been working closely with Pix since its formation,” said Jeffrey Finn, CEO of RealNex. “The work the Pix team has done and the technology they have built is truly impressive. The current hyper-competitive commercial real estate environment demands more virtual capabilities and web-enabled solutions. We are thrilled to now fully integrate these types of offerings into the RealNex Navigator platform, elevating our clients’ prospects for optimal success in marketing their properties.”

Pix has done extensive work for clients which include CBRE, Colliers, Exxon and Keller Williams.  Pix helped a Colliers office bring a pre-construction commercial building to life allowing them to market the asset sooner and more capably by effectively enabling potential tenants to tour a not-yet-built space. By using a Pix model, another client was able to presell 95% of their multi-family units prior to the completion of construction.  In addition to reducing transaction cycles and increasing conversion rates, models can be used throughout the lifecycle of a property to enhance design, capital raising, permit processes, simulation training and more.    

“For less than the cost of most renderings, Pix delivers an immersive virtual model with high-level, life-like realism. Given recent events, prospective investors and tenants, now more than ever, need a powerful capability to remotely tour spaces and advance the sales and leasing processes. We are extremely excited to align with RealNex to deliver our next-gen solutions to their vast client base,” commented Pix President, Glenn Petillo.

QuickTours can be sent out as links or embedded on websites to permit users to access and virtually tour spaces on their own or via a guided tour. Once within a Pix model, the user is enabled to customize a space by swapping out designs and altering color schemes, furniture and finishes. Renderings or still images are readily accessible by taking screenshots of the virtual space.

With RealFit, clients can access a raw space, add walls and doors, and drop in furniture and fixtures to build their 3-D environment, ensuring it accommodates their needs. As the client is virtually “building” a space, the Pix system automatically calculates the materials budget. In addition to its photo-realism, PropertyMax provides a host of tools, such as time-of-day light displays, measuring tools, exterior views and flexible design options.

About RealNex

RealNex is a leading commercial real estate technology solutions company. The company strives to become the preferred portal and marketplace for the commercial real estate industry by introducing of RealNex Navigator, which constitutes the most comprehensive platform integrating digital solutions for the commercial real estate industry. For more, visit

About Pix

The Pix mission is to improve the efficiency and transparency of the real estate and related industries through the utilization of immersive, interactive, 3D virtualized models of property.  These models ease transportability, and provide flexible data integration/visualization, collaboration, e-commerce and marketing capabilities.

PIX developed a proprietary platform to create unparalleled 3D models that drive efficiency and transparency throughout the property life cycle. This unique platform can be combined with embedded video chat, live video feeds, data visualization and artificial intelligence capabilities that can be delivered across any platform. For more information and to access a sample demo of the Pix technology, visit



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