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RealNex completes major upgrade cycle with latest release

Posted by RealNex on Oct 16, 2019 12:02:35 PM

Includes tightly integrated end-to-end solution

Stafford, TX – October 16, 2019 – RealNex, a commercial real estate technology company, today announced the release of a major upgrade to its Solution Suite. The RealNex Suite includes tools for commercial real estate agents, brokerages, asset managers and related service providers. The end-to-end solution includes a property centric CRM (customer relationship management system), a Transaction Management app, a comprehensive lease and investment analysis engine and a presentation tool to create elegant marketing materials. The platform also includes listing marketplace with a built-in marketing engine to showcase and access available properties on client websites and on our public portal.

“We are incredibly excited about this latest generation of RealNex. The scope and value are unmatched. And, the level of integration now makes it even faster and easier to use,” noted company CEO, Jeffrey Finn, “The team has done amazing work to advance the product so far, so fast. This release is a quantum leap forward of the solution and for our clients.  Each RealNex module is now market leading in its own right and in combination is the most complete offering at the most affordable, compelling price in the market.”

This next generation release is a massive advancement from the legacy products RealNex was originally built upon. Among the many upgrades are the robust cloud-based CORE CRM, a complete overhaul to the MarketEdge presentation platform, enhanced SEO and emarketing campaign management to the Marketplace and advanced integration across the modules. 

The new CORE CRM now includes powerful global replace and duplicate checking, split screen views, quick links to add and search, favorite filters to accelerate access to just the data desired and workflow automation to create refined timelines of actions and activities.  Collapsible screens, saved views and pagination make navigation even easier and faster than the prior generation.

In MarketEdge, sophisticated design tools enable more elegant presentations with a host of 32 new landscape and portrait design layouts. MarketEdge now includes custom property profiles and descriptions, expanded logo and photo galleries, 6 new pages for photo display, editable Business Maps and Section pages, dynamic Table of Contents, sophisticated financial reports including robust development analyses,  embedded 3D Virtual Reality, a new Comps Manager, an easy yet powerful Rent Roll import engine and professional e-publishing for elegant output. The new MarketEdge makes creating comprehensive financial reports and world-class presentations a snap. With one set of inputs, users can swiftly create perfectly branded flyers, brochures, proposals, opinions of value and offering memorandums.

MarketPlace has been enhanced with an upgraded Listing Management console and streamlined panels to make inputs as efficient as possible. And, with a click of a button Listings can be marked as current to assure and confirm data integrity. SEO has been dramatically improved with changes to system architecture. An all new emarketing campaign manager has dramatically improved deliverability and reduced the cost of RealBlasts™ and RealCampaigns™. What’s more, the new MarketPlace now includes 1000 free RealCampaign sends to private lists and access to an ever-growing community for RealBlasts.

“RealNex continues to be the one-stop-shop, ‘go to,’ solution for our complex and emerging commercial real estate servicing needs. The ‘connectedness’ of the CORE CRM and MarketEdge platforms minimizes input redundancies, while streamlining our eMarketing campaign abilities and providing best in class feedback and follow-up,” noted Dave Grove, Managing Director for Lee and Associates Eastern PA.

As a platform, users can select their own landing page and efficiently migrate data among modules. CORE CRM data can be published to either MarketEdge or MarketPlace, MarketEdge can feed MarketPlace and detailed analytics can be launched from either CRM or MarketEdge. Private and secure Deal Rooms are accessible from any module and email campaigns draw upon CRM data to assure campaigns are highly targeted and follow is as efficient as possible.

To learn more about the full power of RealNex and how these new enhancements are applied, we host a series of persona-based demos each week. To join a RealNex demonstration click hereYou can also access a quick video to see RealNex in action.



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