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RealNex Navigator Enjoys Another Round of Advances

Posted by Jeff Finn on Jul 14, 2021 9:00:22 AM

Unique and Valuable Updates Added to Suite of Solutions

July 14, 2021, Stafford, TX - RealNex continues its steady string of significant, client-driven product enhancements and expansions with its mid-year 2021 release which includes unique, powerful advancements. Every module of RealNex Navigator is enhanced by this release with features that make our clients even more effective and efficient with capabilities that cannot be found anywhere else.

“We are once again thrilled with the breadth and the scope of the work just completed by our development team. Swiftly responding to the wealth of feedback and recommendations from our rapidly growing user base, we are delighted to release this important update,” commented RealNex CEO Jeffrey Finn.

Listings in RealNex MarketPlace are even easier for clients to keep fresh and accurate. A new button indicates listings that have not been updated recently, alerting agents to confirm the data or change status with just a click. This is even more important now as the solution has added a rapidly expanding listing syndication capability. Our RealCampaign marketing center has also been updated with a new interface to select campaigns more easily with filters and favorites.

Another major enhancement is the addition of VideoMaker™, an easy and affordable way for users to create professional quality videos with their smartphones.  These polished and packaged videos include background music, text overlays, multiple scene transitions and client branding. Produced videos are available within minutes of shooting and are easily embedded into listings, email campaigns, social media, websites and any document format created in RealNex MarketEdge, which has also received a host of powerful enhancements.

MarketEdge can now have an unlimited number of properties, and the improved page formatting further refines presentation aesthetics. Creating custom marketing materials is also now even faster and easier.  Individuals within a company account can set up their own default templates, layouts, presentation types and page design so output is automatically created in the preferred format without having to make any selections. The property website generator has also received a major overhaul. Individual property websites are just a click away and can be customized with various maps, images and data. The new HTML formatting can be readily copied and pasted into a RealCampaign to reach out to the market in an email while efficiently monitoring all opens and clicks.  Another unique, major time-saving addition to MarketEdge is Global Pages.  Users can now easily store libraries of PDFs, custom pages, photos and images making all of these items instantly accessible and reusable.  With a property entered into a user’s CRM database, a full proposal or offering memorandum can now be created in several minutes.

In the Lease Comparison Solution, we have added a view for “My Analysis Only” and users can further refine searches with detailed, real-time filters to refine results. Summary analyses now feature variance reports. And, our Deal Rooms have been updated to show any linked MarketPlace Listings or CRM Projects.

Several powerful, RealNex-only features have also been added to CRM. Global Replace capability has been added to Dashboards, enabling users to swap data between two fields. Another major breakthrough is the ability to do a multi-level sort using various columns in List view.  This capability also works in conjunction with filters, which can be saved. By linking columns and filters the keystrokes required to get to the desired data is greatly reduced for users.  Productivity is further enhanced by the ability to reuse the combined sorts and filters. Activity management has been streamlined with the new Call Assist feature, which dials the phone, times the call, captures notes and sets a follow-up. And, for clients using Dealius for back-office commission management, our integration allows you to send all relevant Project information to start a Deal in Dealius, driving even more operational efficiency.

“The scope of this product release is significant. Much of the new functionality is in response to our growing cadre of enterprise level clients seeking to manage consistency across their platforms, while facilitating the personalization desired by team members and enhancing the productivity that RealNex uniquely delivers,” added Finn.

Click the link to see a report of all the 2021 mid-year updates and get a sneak peek at a few updates pending release soon.  Finn concluded, “These additions to our already powerful solution, unbeatable price – value, incredibly short time-to-value and excellent client support are why more and more CRE companies are moving to RealNex.”

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