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The Top 19 RealNex Solution Updates from 2019

Posted by RealNex on Jan 15, 2020 2:00:00 PM

2019 was an incredible year of growth and advancements for RealNex. We renewed and expanded a global alliance agreement with CCIM Tech, entered an agreement with CBRE Canada and CCIM Florida Chapter and expanded our footprint with NAI, Colliers, Newmark, Marcus & Millichap and Lee & Associate offices among scores of other local, regional global firms. Among the myriad updates to the platform, was the major release of the CORE CRM cloud-based solution and the cross-platform integration it enabled, as well as the comprehensive overhaul of MarketEdge. As we enter 2020, we have best-in-class solutions for all the CRE Tech sectors we serve, and the most complete platform for commercial real estate brokerage firms.

While all the recent updates and advancements to the RealNex platform are too numerous to highlight here, we wanted to highlight what we consider the Top 19 RealNex Solution Updates from 2019. As we enter 2020, the progress continues to accelerate, and we look forward to a great new year of progress and growth.

The Top 19 RealNex Solution Updates from 2019







Responsive Display

Detailed views of property are most efficiently displayed on any device from large desktop monitors, to tablets and handheld devices.



Landscape Orientation

Some presentations look better in landscape than portrait. Now you can easily swap between the two. Just change the layout and we modify the display.



History to Multiple Projects

Ever have a sign call or inquiry for one property but end up showing or discussing several others? Now with one entry you can update each project or property with an event history.



Rent Roll Import/Export

It’s never been easier to build your financial models. Easily import your Rent Roll from CORE CRM or from a spreadsheet and all your data is now in MarketEdge to run analyses. The Rent Roll can also be easily exported for fast manipulation in Excel and then directly reimported to create final numbers.



Screen Lock/Hide Sections

Collapse screen sections and focus in on just the data you want to work with. Then scroll from record to record and the display will stay set, no need for repetitive navigation. 



Available Spaces

Mark spaces as vacant and leasing flyers were never easier to create. Pick the cover page to merge in property details with a map, photo, and availabilities. Add highlights and you are good to go. You can even add floorplans, additional photos, maps or more in-depth descriptive pages.



Comps Manager

With easy import and export and tight integration with CORE CRM, your Comps can be swiftly added, picked and managed in MarketEdge reports. The new smart display elegantly presents available information without blank fields and consolidates key metrics for enhanced valuation and decision support.



Landing Page Selection

Get to work faster than ever by picking your preferred landing page. Start RealNex where you like in CRM, MarketEdge or MarketPlace.




When you are ready to share your presentation, you have choices. Sure, you can download and send a pdf, but that is a static document. With our epublisher, send a dynamic link instead. The presentation looks great and whenever you make an update the epublished document is kept up to date!



Global Replace

Ever want to make a change to a Group of records all at once? With Global Replace, its fast and easy. Just pick the records, select the fields and update the values.



3D Virtual Reality Tour

With QuickTour™, new developments, re-developments, empty spaces or even actual environments can be brought to life for enhanced visualization.



Duplicate Checker

Large databases can be unwieldy and are prone to duplication, often with slight variances in naming convention. With Duplicate Checker, you can swiftly find and consolidate redundancies to clean-up and streamline your database.



Business Maps

Build a custom map to highlight areas of interest, competition and other relevant information in proximity to your listing. The System comes loaded with logos and enables you to draw and plot with icons and text.



Custom Pages

RealNex comes loaded with a host of presentation pages, but if we don’t have what you want in the box…build your own with Custom Pages. Pick the layout, select the widget and let the system present all your information just the way you want it to look.




Property Listings are automatically merged into custom branded flyers and can be instantly sent to private lists built in CORE CRM (RealCampaigns™) or the dynamic RealNex Community (RealBlasts™) with detailed lead management metrics and dashboards.




A powerful tool to standardize, apply and customize a complete series of events to any person, project or property. The result is a GANTT Chart with an accountable management system to assure consistent processes.



Design Editor

Photo arrays, property summary and description, maps and completely custom pages can all be flexibly designed to meet your needs. Pan and zoom photos, modify colors, fonts, text size, formats and spacing to create just the look desired.




View all your data just the way you want. Pick the fields you want to see in the order you want to see them, and we present a custom display just for you. You can have as many views as you like and set your favorites for easy access.



Hybrid View

It’s like having two systems running at once. A complete list view on the left and a detailed record on the right enables rapid canvassing and system updates.

With so many powerful updates throughout the year, trimming the list to 19 wasn’t easy. A few of the items that deserve an “Honorable Mention” include:

  • Cross platform integrations – From CRM users can know push all Property information through to MarketEdge and MarketPlace, including all photos and Space Details. So, you can efficiently manage all your data in CRM and then instantly go to market when you have an opportunity to pursue or new listing to present.
  • Links – The full power of our relational database is put to use as any CRM record can be associated with any other with Links. That means you can search for buildings to access owners or tenants, track leads across multiple projects, associate contacts with multiple companies, or multiple companies with each other.
  • Analyze Listings – With the click of a button, your MarketPlace Listing data can be accessed in MarketEdge to run Financial Analyses or to create a full suite of branded marketing materials.

All of these updates and enhancements are meaningful on their own and when looked at in totality demonstrate amazing value gains for RealNex users. While some of the system enhancements are more apparent than others, they are all designed to increase functionality, streamline workflow and improve system performance. To see the full list of 2019 RealNex Solution Updates click here.

Many of the ideas for system updates come from our vast user base and we hope all of our subscribers are enjoying the dramatic advancements. Should any RealNex Client have ideas and recommendations to further enhance the platform please submit them to

Let us know your favorites. Comment below to let us know if you agree with the ranking or what you think should be at the top of the list. Thanks!

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