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3 Ways Powerful Real Estate Platforms Help Brokers Recruit Top Talent

Posted by realnexsteve on Sep 23, 2015 2:41:57 PM

The success of your brokerage is directly tied to your ability to recruit and retain top talent. While things like commission splits, floor time, and assistance with marketing expenses used to rule an agent’s decision on where to hang their hat, today’s top brokerages are attracting the best talent with technologies.

And, with all of the movement in the commercial real estate space - agents moving from brokerage to brokerage until they find the right fit - what brokerage isn’t looking for ways to amp up their recruiting efforts?

That said, here are three ways that technologies can help you attract and keep successful real estate agents.

#1: Technologies Make the Agent’s Life Easier

As a broker, it’s important to show agents how your support can make their life easier and their business run smoother. Whether you’re offering a robust customer resource management (CRM) system like RealNex CRM or streamlining administrative tasks through back-end systems, today’s power agents are looking for solutions that will help drive their success.

Be sure to select technologies that are easily adopted, and that help the agent streamline their processes.

#2: Technologies Power Marketing Efforts

Commercial real estate is a huge industry, how will you help your agents gain market share? What tools do you offer to help them market themselves and their properties? A solution like REI Wise, which streamlines property marketing and analytics, can be just what you need to help drive interest.

What’s more, these marketing tools should be mobile-friendly to help agents present listing information and data to buyers, sellers, property owners and investors.

#3: Technologies Make Agents Look Smarter

When you provide agents with robust systems to power their growth, you’re not only helping them streamline their business - you’re helping them look smarter in the eyes of their clients and peers. You're helping them grow their authority and relevancy in the market.

A system like TenEight, which powers collaboration between agent and client, is the perfect example of how a robust technology can help grow agent/client trust and rapport.

Starting Out on the Right Foot

Whether you’re trying to recruit or retain top talent within your brokerage or simply need solutions that will help you achieve growth, RealNex has the robust platforms to help accomplish those goals. Feel free to browse our website at your leisure, and do not hesitate to contact us for more information. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

RealNex provides a complete robust system that includes many technologies that will attract top talent to your real estate firm. We have the system to fit all of your real estate needs to improve your brokerage and help you gain agents that will increase your sales and productivity.

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