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3 CRE Technologies That Benefit Your Clients

Posted by RealNex on Oct 20, 2015 5:45:38 PM

The commercial real estate industry is constantly evolving and changing, meaning technology is a top priority for keeping clients’ experiences positive and successful. At the same time, real estate agents move from broker to broker to ensure they’re working for the best brokerage with the most valuable resources. Clients want to work with real estate agents and brokers that are familiar with technology and have the technology solutions to make the process easier for themselves and their agents.

That said, what are the commercial real estate technologies that not only help recruit agents and top talent, but that also benefit your clients?

#1: Marketing Technology

With a product like Property Line, leasing commercial space can be faster. This technology markets properties, promotes commercial brokerage companies and offers exceptional marketing tools to the commercial real estate agent. Building owners and others can search through a national database of commercial sale and lease properties with zero restrictions as well. Agents can also market their inventory to a local or national platform with tools like Featured Properties and eMarket offered by RealNex. They can also post professional profiles to promote themselves.

With Property Line, the brokerage can enable their website visitors to search through listings with an interactive map that overlays economic, demographic and business information, making it easier to find properties that fit their wants and needs.

#2: CRM Technology

CRM technology is an agent’s best friend. A relational CRM database can track listings, properties, buyers, sellers, spaces, tenants, and comparables and link them all together for easy access. This comprehensive CRM technology not only benefits the agent, but it also benefits the client because it saves their agents time and allows them to spend less time dealing with paperwork and organization and more time focusing on the needs of the client. Agents will be able to communicate better and be more organized using this CRM technology, helping the client and the agent communicate more often.

#3: Transaction Process Management Tools

For tenant rep brokers, this tool allows them to engage with clients from start to finish with the easy and intuitive tour book app. The interactive online deal rooms streamline the transaction processes to keep the tenant rep brokers and the clients better organized and more connected. When representing landlords they stay connected in real time with the collaborative workspace and automated leasing activity reports. The transaction process management tool allows agents to streamline processes, increase transaction efficiency and enhance their service quality to improve the overall experience for the client.

As the commercial real estate industry implements more technology into industry processes, it’s important that brokerages and agents adopt this type of technology to make their job easier and their clients’ experiences better.

Technology such as marketing technology, CRM and transaction process management tools allow agents to work more efficiently and precisely so each commercial real estate experience is successful and enjoyable for the client. Many agents entering the real estate industry choose the brokerage they work for based on the technology the brokerage has to offer to make their job easier to increase sales and customer satisfaction.

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