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Five Qualities of an Outstanding Commercial Real Estate Marketing Plan

Posted by RealNex on Oct 22, 2015 5:41:00 PM

Just like with any business, commercial real estate brokers require an outstanding real estate marketing plan to be successful and increase sales. The commercial real estate market is competitive in nature, which means your marketing plan must be well planned out and executed correctly to keep up with competitors in the industry. There are five distinct qualities your brokerage will need to have an outstanding real estate marketing plan.

Consistent Marketing/Branding

Consumers don’t trust companies that don’t have consistent marketing and branding. Your brand is what represents your brokerage and tells consumers what you are offering and what your goals are. To stand out among the competition, you need a brand that can be easily recognized and linked to your company and you must keep that brand consistent through all channels of your marketing. The most successful companies are leaders in marketing because they have kept their brand consistent with all of their marketing efforts.


In a technology-driven world, people will always look to your website to learn more about your company and how your company can help them reach their goals. Your website should be user-friendly, easy to navigate and should clearly and concisely relay your brokerage’s values and culture. Give enough information to intrigue consumers to want to contact you and learn more about your brokerage.

Online Listing

For online listings, you want to be sure to give prospective clients that balance between too much information and not enough information. You need to include an excellent, but brief, property description highlighting the unique qualities and characteristics, the address and quality photos. You want to give potential buyers enough information to make the decision as to whether they want to learn more about the property, but not too much information that they feel they don’t need to contact you for more information.

Email Marketing

Send out emails marketing your listings to help potential buyers discover properties so that they don’t have to spend time doing the researching. If you spend the time to develop a refined database and design and construct quality emails to market your listings, you will find that this is an effective way to sell and market your properties. This is a great alternative to cold calling potential prospects. By integrating private and secure Deal Rooms into this process, you will be able to most effectively track and monitor interest and spend your time with the most highly qualified prospects.

Broker Presentations

It’s common for local companies and associations to host a function for brokers to market their properties and their brokerage as well as to network with other brokers. These presentations are usually fun events with cocktails, food and plenty of time to pass around marketing collateral. You may also find yourself giving a presentation or speech. These events are a great way to market your brokerage and keep up with the local real estate market trends.

Having an effective commercial real estate marketing plan will help you maximize your profits and increase the quality and quantity of assignments you secure while enhancing your ability to sell  your properties for the best price possible. Your marketing efforts will increase your brand awareness and set yourself apart from other brokerages in the commercial real estate industry.

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