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6 Marketing Strategies Today’s Property Owners Expect from Agents

Posted by RealNex on Dec 22, 2015 2:00:45 AM

What are building owners and developers looking for in their next agent? Someone with excellent marketing strategies. The agent should be expert in their local market and  globally connected, while also being savvy to the technology to maximize exposure and streamline transactions. This digital age has re-written the book of what makes for great property marketing.

Here’s a look at some of the top marketing strategies that today’s property owners expect from their agents.

Do your Homework

It starts with proper underwriting and due diligence. Know the property and the market...inside and out. And then do the fundamentals from creating a concise flyer, and brochure to a full blown offering memorandum and property website using tools like the RealNex Marketing Center to streamline the process. Next, consolidate all your property information in a private and secure Deal Room so prospects can register to receive more detailed project information signing confidentiality agreements as may be warranted.

Maximum Exposure

Publish your property on your website and public listing systems while running e-Marketing campaigns to drive even more traffic to your site. With services like RealNex you can instantly promote your listings to your own prospect database as well as a global market of thousands of buyers,  tenants and brokers that have registered an interest in specific types of property. Leverage banner ads and featured property positions on popular websites to further enhance your campaigns.

Stand out with Multi-Media and 3D Virtual Reality

Today’s buyers and tenants can come from anywhere and need to rapidly engage with your property. While pictures and profiles are nice, videos and virtual tours are even better. And these types of marketing tools are more affordable and effective than ever. User generated videos can be converted into professionally packaged video tours in minutes, while existing CAD files, pictures and flat renderings can swiftly be converted to 3D environments to develop truly immersive and interactive experiences. Imagine an investor from Hong Kong or a tenant from Hamburg “touring” your property without leaving their office; experiencing views, workflow and ambience...even dynamically changing furniture, finishes or floorplans.

Know the numbers

While Location, Location, Location is incredibly important in the analysis, there are many other metrics that need to be analyzed to close a real estate transaction. Both qualitative and quantitative measurements help to move property faster. You’ll need to present detailed investment or comparative lease analyses to demonstrate your property offers the best value. While more personalized scores for measures like “walkability”, demographics and image also need to be rated and ranked.

Online Auctions

To differentiate your approach you may want to consider an online auction. No longer just a method for distressed property sales, online auctions are becoming quite useful as a marketing tool for commercial real estate properties of all types. Online auctions draw a lot of attention, capture potential buyers and investors from around the corner and across the globe. The auction process creates a sense of urgency and competition to realize the best price in the shortest period of time.

Automate the workflow to simplify the process

Use technology to respond quickly and maintain project organization. While your competitors are dealing with myriad emails and file attachments that get lost in the ether, you will deliver a simplified process by instantly sharing links through a document management system. No buyer or tenant wants to work with an agent that makes deals complicated, lengthy or frustrating. RealNex’s collaborative and intuitive transaction management system streamlines processes, driving transaction efficiency and enhancing the quality of your service to close deals faster while leaving a lasting impression of satisfaction with your clients.


What are you doing to make your property marketing services stand out?

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