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RealNex Announces RealNex CRM, the Next Generation of REA

Posted by RealNex on Jan 14, 2016 10:35:29 AM

STAFFORD, TexasJan. 14, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- RealNex, a leading provider of technology solutions to the commercial real estate industry, is pleased to announce the next generation of Real Estate Assistant (REA), now called RealNex CRM. The new RealNex CRM is the only true hybrid commercial real estate CRM solution on the market, combining the power of the desktop with the mobility of the cloud. This next generation product streamlines business processes, enhances client services and reduces the transaction cycle time, creating  a pipeline to profitsTM for its users.

The new RealNex CRM boasts cloud accessibility, giving brokers the flexibility of accessing and editing their CRM information wherever they are, increasing mobility and productivity. RealNex CRM's integration with the RealNex PowerBroker solution, which now has an elegant, new property-centric interface gives users more time to focus on getting more deals done faster.  Now a push of the button is all it takes to create instantaneous and detailed analyses, set up a transaction management deal room, create a professional property website or utilize RealNex's complete property-marketing center.

The integration between and enhanced user interface for RealNex CRM and PowerBroker eliminates the need for redundant data entry, increasing users' efficiency and productivity. RealNex CRM users can access all the information they need wherever they are and whenever they want, enabling them to swiftly and easily run comprehensive financial analyses or create professionally designed marketing collateral in the office or on the road with the push of a button. This new release introduces a powerful CRM solution to the real estate market that creates a streamlined process from Propose to CloseTM.

Agents using the new RealNex CRM now have one-touch ability to easily create professional proposals, brochures, property websites and full offering memorandums complete with 20 year discounted cash flow analyses. They can then run e-marketing campaigns to their targeted prospect lists or the RealNex prospects database, driving traffic back to their secure deal rooms where transactions can be managed to completion.

"We are extremely excited and proud to bring the new RealNex CRM to market and deliver the cloud solution it has been waiting for while maintaining the overwhelming affordability of our solutions. Adding cloud capability allows us to bring all the components of the RealNex Suite together to realize the seamlessly integrated solution the market has been longing for," noted RealNex CEO Jeffrey Finn, "This latest release is just the beginning. We have much more coming soon as we continue to deliver on our mantra of real power, real value, real simple."

For more information on RealNex's portfolio of CRM services, visit or contact RJ Colosimo by phone at 281-916-1239 or email at

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RealNex is a leading commercial real estate technology solutions company. It strives to become the portal and marketplace for the commercial real estate industry by acquiring and integrating leading sector-based solutions to improve marketplace efficiency, transparency and liquidity with overwhelming value. Its singular solution is designed to improve user success by increasing accuracy, professionalism and productivity, while streamlining activity, enhancing industry collaboration and eliminating redundancies. By consolidating multiple point solutions, RealNex will offer more comprehensive functionality and greater utility while also being easier to use and more affordable to consume.


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