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4 Reasons Your CRM Must Be Mobile in 2018

Posted by RealNex on Nov 8, 2017 9:48:20 AM

Blog mobile CRM.pngThe world is going mobile, and your CRM shouldn’t be left behind. If you don’t have all your resources at your fingertips, you risk losing your clients to more nimble agents. Having the full resources of your CRM available mobile is essential moving into 2018. Here are just a few of the reasons why:

#1: Information at your fingertips

A mobile-enabled CRM keeps all of your information at your fingertips whether you are in the office, at home, or visiting a client. With integration of your email, contact list, and calendar, you will never have to call back to the office for information or miss an appointment because you didn’t copy it over. A fully mobile CRM will also eliminate down time. You can follow up on meetings while waiting at the airport or your doctor’s office and check new listings in between meetings. Anywhere you have your phone becomes your office.

#2: You’re always prepared

You will always be the most prepared at client meetings.  Before you meet with a client, you will always have a full accounting of their property holdings and leases as well as communications to review. While you are in the meeting, you will be able to search the full catalog of listings available through the CRM and record notes directly into the system, increasing accuracy and saving transcription time back at the office. You will impress your clients because you will have the latest listings at your fingertips.

#3. Complex deals become easier

Complex deals are a scenario where a mobile CRM can be most useful. Without mobile, you may be used to lugging stacks of papers and wasting valuable time getting the right documents into the right hands. With mobile CRM, you can invite, monitor, and update deals rooms, allowing particular prospects to access important documents instantaneously.

#4. Your lead generation will thank you

Mobile CRM is essential for data collection, networking and lead generation. Adding a property or project can be done in seconds using the address finder within the CRM app and then recording your notes and pictures in real time while visiting the property. The data is directly added to your database and is available to anyone who you’ve selected to share information. Meeting a potential client or partner in the field? Snap a picture of their face and their business card, and they are automatically entered into the database. Notes you take during your meeting are automatically saved and you can schedule follow ups directly.

By integrating a mobile interface into your CRM or fully using the one you already have, you can increase your efficiency and ratchet up the sales. By gathering data quickly and easily, less time is spent transcribing and less errors occur in the database. The ease of adding contacts and notes of interactions means that business relationships are more fully documented and easily accessed for future meetings. All of this means that not only will you have a leg up on your competitors, but your job of coordinating people, deals and data becomes greatly simplified. Consider adding a mobile component such as RealNex Core CRM Mobile to your professional arsenal.

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