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4 Reasons Real-Life CRE Brokers Love RealNex

Posted by RealNex on Mar 19, 2018 8:14:33 AM

You have heard what we have to say about the benefits of RealNex, but what do some of our clients have to say? Real life CRE brokers love RealNex and everything that this comprehensive platform has to offer.

Reason #1: It saves money when compared to other subscription fees.

“The depth of RealNex's solution has saved us thousands of dollars in subscription fees. It's one log-in, one data center, one price. The value is incredible.” —Hayim Mizrachi, President, MDL Group

While you could piece together other subscriptions that would offer features that are similar to RealNex, those subscriptions fees would add up very quickly. RealNex offers everything CRE brokers need, all in one place. This saves our clients time and money.

Reason #2: We offer a high level of customer support.

“After calling support for some real issues with RealNex MarketEdge, I can say that the level of support I received was unparalleled! I wasn’t put on hold, hung up on, or told I would be called back never to receive a call. They helped me get the issue resolved and kept me up and running.” —William J. Harrell, Duke Commercial

Our team prides itself in offering real time solutions for all of our clients’ problems. We understand that keeping your business up and running is of the highest priority, so we will do everything we can to solve your issues as quickly as possible.

Reason #3: It is comprehensive.

“We are thrilled with the comprehensive nature of the RealNex solution set. The platform allows us to deliver a consistently high level of service across our platform. We have been able to win more business and execute more efficiently.” —James Huang, President, Sperry Commercial Global Affiliates

As technology advances, more and more startups are entering the CRE industry. There are countless tools that will automate processes for CRE agents, but finding the right combination of tools can be tricky. With RealNex, you do not have to mix and match your CRE tools. Our team provides everything from investment advice to client management, helping you to market properties to your target audience and offering advice on leasing agreements.

Reason #4: It saves time.

“RealNex MarketPlace saved us hours of sourcing. We sent an eMarket blast looking for land for a hotel project. Within minutes the phone started ringing.” —Colleen Butcher and Russell Guerra, Sperry Commercial Global Affiliates, BRC Advisors

When compared with other CRE solutions, RealNex provides the most comprehensive list of proposals. We provide our clients with targeted e-marketing campaigns, helping buyers and sellers connect as quickly as possible. Once you have found a potential client, we can help to negotiate the terms of the lease, helping everyone to leave the room feeling like they got a good deal.

Our team at RealNex prides itself in providing an irreplaceable product at an affordable price. Our clients feel that this service is worth every penny, so give it a try and find out how RealNex can help you grow your business and manage your clients more efficiently.

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