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5 Creative Ways to Market a Property on Social Media

Posted by RealNex on Mar 5, 2019 8:00:00 AM

Social media is the perfect platform to be seen, heard, and remembered- but only if you have the knack for it. It takes luxurious style, direct language, captivating imagery, and a flow that makes it all seem effortless.

Behind the screen, all the decisions leading up to hitting the ‘Share’ button can be stressful. Our team at RealNex knows that navigating social platforms can take up a lot of time and effort, and it’s only worth it if you’re yielding substantial results.

Utilizing the latest tools and tricks, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite social marketing strategies that will really give your commercial real estate company an edge over competitors.

1. Live In Action

Facebook Live and Instagram Live are amazing tools to accurately showcase a property. It’s active, moving, and exactly what works best on social media. Simply start recording and viewers will join in. Your followers automatically get a notification when you go live, so they’ll never miss a beat. This is raw, unedited, and by far the most interactive method. Use these to give sneak peeks of properties.

Remember to keep your audience engaged. Include casual call-to-actions by asking questions and talking to your viewers, who can type responses that are seen by everyone. Recordings of these sessions remain on your profile for a set time after they’ve concluded so others can take part, as well.

2. Panoramic Views

Facebook’s new panoramic feature allows you to share 360-degree images and videos. This allows agents to showcase a property without any blind spots. Wide-angle shots can provide a pop of something exciting for your feed.

3. Think Seasonally

Sometimes getting in the spirit really pays off. Look at the agent who placed a real-life ‘Grinch’ in property photos around Christmas time. This project went viral, and lots of potential buyers saw it. On social media, it doesn’t hurt to be entertaining. Stand out, get creative, and make it fun for everyone. When a season or holiday is coming around, don’t hesitate to let that shine through in your marketing.

4. Short & Sweet Stories  

Both Snapchat and Instagram feature the ‘story’ tool, which publishes impermanent content for your followers. Stories are more casual than posts on your feed, usually highlighting features or speaking directly to your followers. Include pictures, short videos, and typed words. Pro-tip: it’s trendy to decorate stories using in-built GIFS or stickers!

These posts don’t save to your profile, but Instagram does enable you to ‘pin’ them so they’re always there. Enhance your content even more by creating relevant ‘categories’ of collected stories that can be easily clicked through.

5. Schedule in Advanced

As an agent, the business can get pretty busy. Although being active on social media is an important aspect of marketing, the time spent using these apps cuts away valuable time from the workday. In order to balance these two sides of a business, try scheduling posts in advance. You can create content and set a sharing time when it will automatically get published. It’s a great way to keep up an online presence without sacrificing other work.

When there’s so much to do, having the best available tools and platforms can be imperative. Online tech tools like RealNex helps agents stay organized by consolidating everything you need into one convenient portal. Click here to learn more about how RealNex can bring your business to the next level.

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