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5 Green Trends Making Their Way into the Commercial Sector

Posted by RealNex on Sep 24, 2019 8:00:00 AM

It’s plain to see that the world around us is growing more and more ‘green’. Eco-awareness is extremely prominent in our society, and it’s changing the way we do nearly everything - including commercial real estate. 

As we make efforts to lessen our carbon footprints, reduce waste, and save energy; modern CRE is seeing a major push towards going green. Let’s dive into some of the most popular environmentally-friendly trends that are gaining momentum within the commercial sector.


To bridge the gap between nature and society, contemporary design is merging the two concepts. Designing structures and materials that are inspired by nature is called biomimicry, and it’s one of 2019’s most popular trends. 

Biomimicry is being used to find creative solutions to a variety of issues; such as thermal control, structural resilience, waste management, and more. Engineers and designers make nature-derived observations and apply them to commercial projects in the form of architecture, furniture, utilities, and materials. 

Smart Buildings 

By deploying the latest Smart technologies into commercial properties, the era of Smart Buildings was born. It takes the concept of a Smart Home to new levels of scale, automation, control, and access. 

Smart Buildings utilize IoT connections to build an intricate web of communication throughout a property. Tenants, managers, and owners can access this system from a mobile app or device, bringing the entire network of information into the palm of their hands. The sensors can detect leaks and issues quickly, regulate energy usage in units and common areas, monitor security, and remotely control appliances and connected devices.

Future-Proof Construction 

As the weather patterns evolve, there’s been growing concern within the industry about how to build commercial properties that will survive. This is where the concept of ‘future-proof buildings’ was born, essentially meaning any property which is more resilient against floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, and other natural disasters. It’s building with the future in mind and being ready to weather the storms. 

Net-Zero Modules

As efforts rage on to reduce waste and run commercial buildings sustainably, net-zero properties are gaining recognition within CRE. Net-zero buildings can produce enough renewable energy to meet their needs, which means they don’t need to use any non-renewable resources. 

Solar Power 

Expect to see a huge rise in solar-derived energy schemes in the second half of 2019 and beyond. 

The US has announced a large movement towards implementing aggressive renewable portfolio standards (RPS) in efforts to meet it’s sustainability goals. This will mandate the use of solar power along with other renewable energies. Breakthrough technologies are making harnessing solar energy more convenient, accessible, and reliable. 

One of the benefits that solar energy has for CRE is its innate visibility. There’s a growing demographic of eco-conscious tenants who are looking to lease energy-efficient properties. By clearly being able to see a building’s solar panels, it markets a property’s dedication to responsibility. This can elevate a property above the competition and strengthen its position as a green-focused partner. 

These green trends are expected to take off in the latter half of 2019 and beyond. Be sure to visit our blog for more CRE news.

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