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5 Must-Haves in a Winning Presentation

Posted by RealNex on Dec 1, 2022 8:00:00 AM

As we move forward in our digital-first world, many professional presentations are now being powered by technology. 

A well-thought-out digital presentation is a critical tool that commercial real estate businesses can leverage as a differentiator. When the presentation is your first touch-point with a potential client, you need a strong pitch. 

A visually compelling, neat, and informative presentation can help you stand out from the crowd — even in the busiest markets. 

5 Things You Need for a Successful Presentation 

What does it take to create a winning presentation according to today’s standards? Here are the five capabilities you need to secure to build out dynamic presentations for your business deals. 

#1. Professionally Designed Portfolios

Strong graphic design isn’t an easy accomplishment. Your professional presentations should be designed by a professional designer. You need an expert at arranging information in an attractive way that actually helps audiences digest the content. 

Successful presentations should be easy to read and user-friendly. If you’re having someone on your team that isn’t a professional designer creating your presentations, they are probably not as strategic as they could be. 

To streamline the process of creating professionally designed presentations, RealNex Navigator offers a portfolio of marketing materials created by our expert team of designers. These reports, marketing materials, and presentations were built to make you look like the star in your market. 

#2. Custom Branded Features

Like any piece of digital content, your presentations should be viewed as a part of your digital presence. Your presentations should align with your brand’s image and tone. 

The overall design should follow your brand’s pre-existing branding guidelines for colors, fonts, and logos. A successful digital presentation is instantly recognizable. You want your audience to connect your presentation to your brand. 

When you use a RealNex presentation template, you can custom-brand all of your materials to meet your exacting standards. All of our presentations seamlessly adopt your color palette and logo. 

This instant customization allows your business to create compelling digital presentations that align with your brand quickly and easily. 

#3. Data That Automatically Syncs 

It’s likely that many of your presentations feature charts, data sets, and graphs. You probably also need to populate lists into your presentations. 

Rather than having to manually input the information, the best presentations are built with tools that automatically integrate the data. 

When you have a team member typing in the data by hand, you have a high error margin. Whether it’s a typo or an incorrect metric, it’s likely that the results will not be 100% accurate every time. The manual method is also very time-consuming, which doesn’t give your the agility to produce presentations in a snap. 

To ensure that the information in your presentations is correct all of the time, RealNex presentations are connected to the information in your all-in-one technology suite. This creates beautiful and comprehensive presentations that are easy, fast, and always on the ball. 

#4. No Typos, Errors, or Mistakes 

A great presentation is an accurate one! To demonstrate your expertise and attention to detail, you need to have a clean and error-free presentation. 

Think of your presentation as a sample of your work quality. Oftentimes, this is one of the first things that you’re building out for potential clients. You want them to look at the presentation and be wowed, feeling confident in their decision to work with you. 

What you don’t want them to look at are the multiple typos or errors in your presentation — paying more attention to what’s wrong with it than what’s right. 

Don’t let the work you put into creating the presentation be undermined by a few mistakes. Always comb through the final version multiple times to double and triple check for any errors. Using an online spelling and grammar checker, like, can help identify issues you missed. 

#5. A Great Presentation Always Ends with Follow Up

It’s a general business best practice to always follow up after a meeting. To make sure that you’re staying top of mind with your audience after the presentation ends, always give them something to take away from the meeting. 

The easiest and best way to achieve this touch point is to leverage your CRM’s bulk outreach capabilities. If you have a contact for the different people that will be attending your presentation, you can create a list and send out a customized email created with a template. 

This can help you reach out and follow up with your audiences quickly. Since the process is automated, you can even maintain this practice on days that your team is tackling back-to-back meetings. 

To learn more about how RealNex can give your business the tools it needs to create amazing commercial real estate presentations, reports, and marketing collateral, explore MarketEdge.


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