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5 Productivity Tips CRE Agents Can Learn from Today's Biggest Inspirational Leaders (Clone)

Posted by RealNex on Aug 27, 2019 6:23:28 AM

Do you ever feel like there just aren’t enough hours in the day? As the world around us gets busier and busier, it happens to all of us - no matter how much time we spend working, sometimes it can seem impossible to get everything done. 

Everyone can strive to be more productive in our professional lives. This is especially true for CRE agents, who navigate through a very busy industry. There always seems to be so much to do, but so little time to get it done. 

In order to help combat this common pain point, our team at RealNex has compiled these all-star tips from today’s biggest inspirational leaders. 

Establish Specified Time Blocks 

CRE agents are faced with the unique challenge of juggling many different tasks simultaneously. When projects are fragmented into many areas, unifying them is a key to success. In order to ensure you’re meeting each and every deadline, take some advice from Tony Robbins. 

Robbins says that it’s imperative to block off time for specific tasks. Dedicating time for your most pressing assignments helps prevent other things from leaking in and interrupting the flow, which can inhibit you from meeting deadlines. As an agent, it’s a great idea to separate your workload into different levels of urgency and tackle them from that perspective. 

Aim for Speed and Efficiency 

Gary Vee is all about putting in hard work and effort. Vaynerchuk’s secret to optimization is speed, and says “Not only am I working 18 hours a day, but I’m working fast as hell in those 18 hours.” The number of hours spent working can add up to nothing when you’re not making the best of them. During the workday, agents should strive to work quickly, which can immensely increase productivity. 

The Work-Life Balance Myth 

You’ve heard the term ‘work-life balance’ a million times, but how many people do you know that have actually attained this? According to Rachel Hollis, this sentiment is actually impossible. Instead, she puts her energy into cultivating a centered life. 

"Centered means that you feel grounded and at peace with yourself," she explains. "Centered means that you can't be knocked off balance regardless of how chaotic things become. If I prioritize myself and make sure I"m centered, then everything else runs smoothly... even when it's running at a hundred miles an hour!" By striving for a centered life, agents can attain professional success while staying happy and healthy.

Start Every Day with a Plan 

Here’s another tip from Tony Robbins that can’t be ignored. Starting each and every day with a definite plan is a surefire way to boost efficiency. On the subject, Robbins states, “Most people get up and start tending to other people’s requests and demands instead of putting the steak in the ground for what they want out of the day first”. 

Prioritizing your own personal business goals is a key element to ensure that the most important tasks get the attention they deserve. Apply this to CRE by starting off every work day by outlining daily goals that come first - no matter what. 

Make CRE Tech your Friend

RealNex has a host of productivity tools to help. Within CRM the Events section helps you focus on your priorities and block out time to get mission critical work done first. Our Timelines enable multiple Events to be scheduled for longer term projects. These types of tools keep you in control of your schedule, while our MarketEdge marketing templates and analysis wizard streamlines processes to accelerate production of reports and presentations. 

What are your favorite productivity hacks? For more CRE tips, check out our blog.

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