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5 Tips to Make Yourself Stand Out in Your Local CRE Market

Posted by RealNex on Jul 7, 2021 11:20:00 AM

In a hot market, commercial agents and brokers need to ensure that their services are standing out from the competition. These five tips will help you create an eye-catching brand that attracts business despite the market’s strong competition. 

#1. Build a Strong Personal Brand

How can you win over market share and rise to the top of your surrounding market? 

The secret to success lies in a winning brand. Turning your focus toward your company’s external brand image will help drive your marketing strategy, online presence, and company culture. All of these factors influence the experience that clients have when doing business with you, which then goes on to shape your reputation in your local market. 

If you want to stand out from competitors to generate more business, start by improving your personal branding. 

#2. Find Your Specialty Value Proposition

What differentiates your business from a competitor? 

In order to highlight the aspects that make your services stand out in your branding, you first need to identify your unique specialties. Perhaps it’s that you have extensive experience in one commercial sector, or you have been specially trained to assist international investor clients. Whatever it is, identify your brand’s value proposition and make sure that it’s clearly highlighted in your external branding and marketing campaigns. 

#3. Have a Fundamental Purpose 

What drives you to do business? 

Articulating your brand’s fundamental purpose will help prospective clients see the bigger picture of your business. Whether it’s to assist companies in finding their premier office spaces or to lease assets with environmentally-friendly operation models, think about why you and your team pursue your work. Clearly identifying your purpose and goals will further individualize your commercial real estate business, potentially elevating you above competing brands. 

#4. State Your Core Values

What values does your business revolve around? 

Clients may be more likely to do business with a brand that aligns with their core values. Perhaps it’s equality, sustainability, or diversity. Aligning your values to the work that you do can help to create a more cohesive brand. For example, if your company specializes in multifamily deal-making, a core value may be to provide housing opportunities to those in need. Or, if your brand deals with portfolio management, it may be to lower the carbon footprint of commercial assets. 

#5. Define Your Audience

Who are you trying to reach? 

Being clear about who your target audience is will help you specify your brand message and curate your marketing content accordingly. To look for the types of clients you’re interested in doing business with, reference your CRM. The more specific you are, the more potent your lead generation outreach will be. 

Once you’ve established these five key competitive aspects, it’s time to leverage your unique value. These tips will help carry your business forward in any market conditions. For more commercial real estate tips and industry insights, explore the RealNex Blog. 

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