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5 Ways Brokers Can help Speed up Adoption of New Tech

Posted by RealNex on Jan 3, 2019 8:00:00 AM

Real estate agents are pretty set in their ways, especially those that have been in the business for years. The real estate industry is notorious for being slow to adopt new technology, so what can brokerages do to help their agents onboard new technology faster? How can they help speed up the process so their agents are more tech-savvy?

Proactive Tech Training

New agents should be trained in new technology straight from the start. Set expectations for  adoption and implementation and give your agents all the resources they need to troubleshoot and optimize utilization. Make the training interactive too, don’t just hand them a training manual that is hundreds of pages long or make them watch countless training videos. The training needs to be hands-on and results oriented, otherwise, you will find your agents dozing off.

Explain How the Tech Will Benefit Your Agents

One of the biggest selling points for getting new agents to adopt technology is to both show and tell them how the technology will make their lives easier. Agents have a lot of tasks that need to be done on a daily basis. If you can show them how technology will help them manage these tasks more efficiently, how it will help them win new business and how it will provide them more time to close deals, they will very likely buy into this technology, and better yet, they will be excited about it.

Hold Open Discussions

Challenges will come up and there is always an opportunity for your real estate agents to become better at using your brokerage’s technology. Every few months or every quarter, hold an open discussion training session to give tips, receive feedback and address the obstacles and challenges your agents are facing when it comes to using your platform and tools. If your agents feel their opinions will be heard when it comes to the technology, they will be more open to trying new solutions in the future.

Keep Your Agents Updated

Technology is ever changing. When the time comes to update it, don’t be hesitant about switching to new and more advanced systems. What you do need to do is make sure your agents know it is coming and ensure they are prepared for it. It will be much harder to get your agents on board if they feel you are constantly changing their platforms without giving them enough notice.

Hire Agents Who are Tech Savvy

When you look to hire new agents, find agents who are eager to innovate to enhance their business or hire those who are open to using new technology. These tech-savvy agents can help show interest in your brokerage’s tools and can help get other agents on board , especially if these agents are willing to show people how to use it.

Technology has the ability to make our workflows more efficient and will result in agents becoming more productive. The first step is to just get them on board with adopting the new technology using these five tips.

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