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6 Productivity Tips for CRE Agents in 2021

Posted by RealNex on Jul 19, 2021 9:00:00 AM

Agents, are you ready to make 2021 your most productive year yet? Here are six tips from RealNex curated for CRE agents seeking more productivity now and in the future.

#1. Plan Out the Work Day 

Since agents work with many different clients, planning out the day can help ensure that the most important tasks are being taken care of first and foremost. Having a strong schedule can help agents tackle long to-do lists. Time management methods, such as time blocking, can help busy agents strategically move through their tasks while remaining in control of their time and progress. 

#2. Separate Your Personal and Professional Life

After months of remote working, we’ve all likely started to let our personal lives leak into our professional time. Agents can benefit from maintaining barriers between their work and personal life to avoid wasting time during business hours — and having to make up for it after-hours.

Set a strict stop time where you end the workday and transition into your personal life. That can help motivate you to get all of your tasks done before that cut-off point, prompting you to focus on your business and clients without interruption during the day. 

#3. Focus on Tasks That Generate Financial Returns 

Agents may feel burnt out if they’re juggling too many tasks. Identifying the items in your day that generate income will help you prioritize your to-dos and spend your energy where it matters most. 

For example, you don’t want to be wasting your time every day organizing your inbox or scrolling through LinkedIn just because it “feels” like work. While being on social media and active on email is imperative, maybe that can take up one hour per day rather than three. The extra two hours saved can then be spent on critical tasks, such as preparing the closing documents for a meeting or moving your clients forward with their deal. 

#4. Stay Current with New Industry Technologies

In order to adopt new technologies that support CRE workflows, agents need to be keeping up with the PropTech industry. Staying up to date on the new tools that are helping agents be more efficient is key for boosting productivity in 2021 when digital tools are developing at a rapid pace. 

Talk to your network of connections to see what systems they’re leveraging and keep up with online articles that cover CRE tech trends to stay in the loop.

#5. Having an Organized and Updated CRM

An agent’s CRM houses their sales funnel. Having an updated and organized CRM is essential for taking care of your clients, moving them through their deals, and pushing stalling leads toward conversion. Your CRM should contain the current contact information for your past clients and new prospects, enabling you to curate your outreach according to the client’s transaction status. And, your daily Activity dashboard should assure that all your highest priority tasks stay at the forefront to be completed before you take on lesser value work.

#6. Working With a Premier PropTech Suite

The best way to achieve a simplified, streamlined, and powerful network of tech tools is to adopt a single end-to-end solution. 

RealNex provides The Technology Behind the Deal, empowering agents with all of the tools they need in an organized and fully-synced digital environment. To learn more about our product offerings, click here.

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