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6 Ways to Attract Top Agents to Your Brokerage

Posted by RealNex on Feb 21, 2019 8:00:00 AM

Knowing how to attract talented agents is a vital skill for any brokerage. You’ll need a few things up your sleeve when appealing to today’s top agents and brokers, which goes way beyond simply naming a commission split. The current mentality surpasses a conversation about pay — they’re interested in the whole scope of a brokerage.

It’s important for brokerages to show potential agents how working for them will help to propel their individual careers further. By implementing collaborative techniques, savvy marketing tools, and technologies, your business will captivate skilled agents.

1. Listen, Connect, Adapt

When recruiting new members, spend time listening to their individual needs. Find out what motivates them. By connecting to job candidates on a deeper level, you can understand what exactly they’re looking for in a brokerage. Actively responding where you see fit keeps the synergy strong.

2. Define What Makes You Different

Every business has key characteristics that cast it apart from competitors. Whether your brokerage offers great education opportunities, uses cutting-edge technologies, or emphasizes teamwork- make it known. Get outside the box and let them appreciate your best features. Defining your culture can attract like-minded and driven individuals.

3. Modernize your Methods

In our increasingly tech-based world, brokerages need to be taking advantage of all available opportunities for productivity and expansion. By utilizing mobile, on-the-go, and efficient technologies, agents can close deals smoother and faster no matter where they are. This is particularly enticing to millennials!

4. Market a Powerful Internet Presence

Keep in mind that not only clients are using the web to find tempting brokerages. Potential agents planning their next step are using this platform for easy research, so give your online profile some needed TLC. Ensure you’re using clear and compelling SEO keywords that bring your site to the top of the result list, which will draw in a maximum audience. Take it a step further and get exposure for you and your agents through social media, blogs, and networking.

5. Invest in Employee Culture

The culture of a business encompasses a wide range of factors which establish its particular vibe. When looking to add experienced agents, having a positive work culture is necessary for recruiting and also retaining. Agents will stay much longer if they feel comfortable, efficient, and appreciated. From workplace design to social interactions, build a culture that allows every member of the team to flourish. Encourage healthy relationships by hosting employee-events, like community outings, cocktail nights and in-house engagements.  

6. Integrate your Business  

Get in sync by having everything your agents need in one place. By adding a user-friendly software that consolidates work, a brokerage can be more efficient than ever before. Agents are attracted to groups which offer highly-rated technologies since it adds a new dimension of unity to their practice.

Agents thrive when using a successful real estate transaction management platform like RealNex, which consolidates all the technological tools needed into a single portal. Everything from CRM, lease analysis, marketing, and a marketplace is at your fingertips — with a seamless connection between departments. This is a must-have for tech-savvy, data-based brokerages looking to expand. Contact us for more information on incorporating RealNex into your business.

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