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7 Ways All-In-One Systems Make CRE Pros More Efficient

Posted by RealNex on Jul 10, 2018 8:00:00 AM

CRE Tech systems can offer plenty of unique benefits to streamline processes and make brokers more efficient. All-in-one solutions, however, offer more much more than just CRM-Customer Relationship Management. Where some CRMs require a broker to piece together myriad vendors to accomplish their goals — a true all-in-one system does it for you. Brokers should take advantage of such platforms that can truly do it all and help them accomplish more, faster and at a lower cost!

Let’s take a closer look at seven ways all-in-one CRE Tech systems make commercial real estate pros more efficient.

Points of Contact are in One Spot

An all-in-one system places all points of contact into one hub. At the core is a CRM with detailed contact profiles: who are they, what do they have, what do they want...then add on activity history from phone calls, emails, social media, and anything else you need to track. But that is just the beginning, as CRE Tech solutions are not just about contacts, they are also about properties and transactions.

Detailed Property Information

Today, most CRE professionals rely on third party data, making basic property information a commodity. But what do you know better than the market and how can you put it to more efficient use? The best CRE pros gather details about the nuances of buildings, their ownership, financing and transaction history. They also gain access to tenancy, with space sizes, rates and expirations. Put to effective use, these details differentiate the best brokers in the market.

Timing is everything

As part of an all-in-one solution an integrated CRM system makes it simple to anticipate client needs. Since the CRM pulls all relevant data for a client, you have helpful information such as when a client needs to renew a lease, etc. Mobile CRMs help brokers take advantage of the information available to them to help drive sales. This ease of communication will make a huge difference in a CRE professional’s  business.

Proposals and Presentations

It’s great to have all the data at your fingertips, but what happens when it’s time to win business? Can you swiftly package all your expertise and experience to present authoritative BOVs or a winning proposal? And, once you’ve won an assignment can you instantly convert your work into beautifully designed flyers, websites or comprehensive offering memorandums? All without laborious and redundant data entry and design manipulation? An all-in-one system can.

What about the Numbers?

CRE decisions are driven by numbers, but most CRM or presentation systems offer little help. A true all-in-one system enables you to underwrite an asset to determine a property’s value, whether you are working the buy or sell side. Or, when leasing, to easily compare multiple options and negotiate the best deal possible.

Proactive Marketing and Comprehensive Analytics

Most solutions require stitching together CRM, Listings, analytics and marketing solutions...A costly, cumbersome and time consuming process. With an all-in-one solution you can publish your listings directly from your CRM to the public MarketPlace, create private and secure deal rooms to host and manage all Due-Diligence and run emarket campaigns to highly targeted lists. Even more, you can recapture all activities, metrics and results back in the CRM Deal Management engine to accelerate transaction cycles and streamline client reporting.

Now, that’s all-in-one!

Cost, value and operational efficiencies

RealNex is a fully relational database that manages people, property and transactions. More than a CRM, RealNex is an all-in-one CRE Tech solution that improves productivity and efficiency. Other solutions require multiple vendors, subscription agreements, payment plans and different customer support lines. With RealNex, you only need one.

Brokers can truly transform the way they operate their business by implementing an all-in-one CRE Tech solution into their work structure. By consolidating multiple point solutions, RealNex offers an integrated, comprehensive product suite that takes CRE professionals through an entire deal cycle. Contact us today to get started!

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