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AI and CRE: How Artificial Intelligence is Helping Us Move Forward

Posted by RealNex on Oct 8, 2020 10:00:00 AM

As we continually face unexpected obstacles, the real challenge lies in finding new and creative ways of using the technologies that we already have in order to solve today’s problems. 

The pandemic has introduced a whole set of unprecedented concerns to the commercial real estate industry. As we move forward into the post-COVID world, CRE needs to use all of the tools at its disposal to stay safe. 

It should be no surprise that artificial intelligence is ranking at the top of the list. AI’s flexible and multi-talented nature makes it a fantastic candidate for adaptive troubleshooting. These are a few of the ways that AI can help commercial real estate progress during the pandemic and beyond: 

Large Scale Symptom Monitoring

The diligence that artificial intelligence systems can bring to CRE will establish safer and healthier properties.  

When interfaced with a building’s hardware, artificial intelligence can be used to effectively scan people in a large area for COVID-19 symptoms. From mass contactless temperature scanning to watching out for behavioral markers of illness, such as sneezing or coughing, AI can zero in on the details that the naked eye would surely miss. AI monitoring can also be used to track and enforce social distancing policies within your building. 

Tracking Outbreaks 

One thing that we’ve learned from dealing with a highly contagious disease is that outbreaks happen fast. If you miss even one case, an entire floor or building can become a liability to the health and safety of the occupants. 

Fortunately, AI can be used to track and predict outbreaks with incredible accuracy. When integrated into commercial properties, building operators would be able to get advanced notice on potentially hazardous areas of their property.

This would enable them to reach out to anyone who was in that area and contact trace the issue so nothing goes undetected. Preventative measures can save hundreds of people from exposure which will be imperative moving forward. 

Developing a Better Understanding with Data

AI’s algorithms are becoming increasingly sophisticated. Networks powered by artificial intelligence are able to analyze massive amounts of data within minutes, coming up with all of the possible derivatives, outcomes, and solutions. This system is seamlessly efficient without the room for human-caused errors. Needless to say, AI is an amazing power to have standing behind you. 

Especially in situations where there is so much uncertainty. The biggest challenge CRE is facing regarding the pandemic is the grey area. This virus still holds so many mysteries and understanding the situation is half the battle. 

AI can help us learn more - and quickly - in a situation where time is of the essence. Data will help the commercial real estate industry problem-solve without having to guess. 

In today’s world, there’s a tool for just about everything - but it’s up to us to know how to apply them. These creative AI applications are setting up to be major players in helping commercial real estate move forward post-pandemic. 

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