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Three Ways to Help Your Agents Adopt New Real Estate Technologies

Posted by RealNex on Sep 26, 2019 4:34:47 PM

We all know the real estate industry is slow to adopt new technology, but there are a few ways you can help your agents adopt to all of the new and exciting real estate technology available. There are processes you can implement to smooth the transition to the new technology. Check out these three ways you can help your agent adopt new real estate technology.

Focus on Why vs. How To?

While you will need to train and show agents how to use your new system, adoption will be slow unless and until they understand why! The main reason to adopt new technology is that your agents will win more business and provide an enhanced level of service that will "Wow" their customers. As both customers and competitors have become more technologically advanced, only those agents who stay ahead will gain market share and increase profitability. Don't let technology “Disrupt” your team. By adopting new technology solutions your team will be the Disrupters by staying ahead of the curve to both protect and grow their business.

Offer Training

While training doesn’t always seem like the most exciting option for helping your real estate agents adopt new technology, it can be the most effective. Do you think your agents are going to read a manual to learn how to use the new technology? Probably not. Consider holding training sessions so that a real life person can introduce the new technology and walk your agents through using it so that they can fully understand how the technology works.

Training sessions will help your agents learn about the technology and be encouraged to use it in their everyday workflows. You can either have someone from the technology company give a training session or you can give your own training session for your agents.

All-in-One System

Implementing an all-in-one type system will help your agents be more open to adopting technology, because it will be easier to use and faster to learn. The less technology your real estate agents have to use, the more likely they are to adopt the system.

Implementing an all-in-one system will help streamline the ramp-up time and the time it takes for your agents to learn how to use it. Research real estate technology that is all encompassing and user friendly so that your agents will spend less time learning the new technology and more time utilizing the technology to increase sales and efficiency in the office.

Take it Slow

Thrusting new technology on your agents won’t prove to be effective. Take small steps and help them integrate their work into the new technology over time so that they can become used to it without feeling overwhelmed. Whether your office is full of millennials or older agents, you will want to implement the new technology slowly so that all of your agents are comfortable using it.

Draft up a simple manual to help clear up technical terms and to make it easier to understand how to use it. That way, even after your training sessions, your agents always have something to refer to if they feel that they don’t know how to use certain parts of the new technology. Be open to helping you agents learn the technology and make sure that it is benefitting your agents more than frustrating them.


The real estate industry is known to adopt new real estate technology slowly, but this can and should change. By using these four  methods you can help your real estate agent seamlessly integrate advanced technology into their day to day business processes. Let them know the benefits and make it as easy as possible so your agents will be excited to implement new technology into their work.

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