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Brokers: Encourage Adoption of Cloud Based Tech with these Four Selling Features

Posted by RealNex on Sep 9, 2016 8:00:00 AM

With the recent and all-consuming expansion of cloud-based storage and server technology, it’s becoming easier and easier to streamline massive amounts of data and consolidate what once used to be several different programs, databases, and even file cabinets into one digital, easy-to-use, easy-to-access, and easy-to-secure system. 

While the benefits of these sorts of systems speak for themselves, not all of your agents might be hearing the good news. In order to help you get through to these stragglers, our team at RealNex has devised a list of the best “selling points” of cloud-integrated technology, and explanations to help you get your team to utilize it to the fullest!

1. Drastically increased efficiency 

While there are a few agents who do things the old-fashioned way (and we mean OLD fashioned, Rolodex and notebook sort of way), most people who resist change don’t do it consciously —it just seems easier, psychologically, to stick with a way of doing things that you’re already used to and comfortable with than to shake things up and learn a new skill while on the job. 

If you can get your team to see just how much more productive using the cloud can be, we suggest using examples of recently completed work of theirs. Meaning, have them explain to you their methods and all of the steps involved in the completion of  project of theirs (even if you already know), and then walk them through that same project, but replacing applicable steps with using the cloud! 

For instance, say a project involves an exchange of a large group of contacts from one agent to another. The usual method is to painstakingly email them, but with the cloud, sharing information is more than instantaneous —two people can be looking at and editing the same thing at once. Encourage your team to try it out on their next project!

2. Increased security and disaster recovery 

Data stored in the cloud is not only more easily backed-up and recovered in the case of systems failures, but it also simplifies the security of potentially sensitive data! Alerting your team to the fact that their clients’ information is more secure in a cloud-based system than it is stored on many unique physical storage methods, should cause them to begin using it out their concern for the well-being of their customers —and for the assurance that in the event of unforeseen circumstances, their files and work are kept safe and easily retrieved.

3. Smarter and less interruptive updates 

On a traditional computer network system, pushing updates to all machines is a hassle, and there’s always that small group who never seems to get around to updating. Moving into the cloud renders this a non-issue, as there’s only one thing to update: the cloud. Maintenance can be done quickly and easily due to this fact.

4. Cost effectiveness 

Subscribing to and utilizing a cloud-based service is cheap, easy, and ultimately streamlines even the most complex of workflows, resulting in quicker, easier work and thus increased cash flow. When the cash is flowing, everyone is happy, and our cloud team at RealNex is making it rain. 

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