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Did Ya know, You can now add Leads to Multiple Projects or Projects to Multiple Leads in One Entry?!

Posted by RealNex on Feb 29, 2020 3:30:00 PM

Did ya know, you can now add leads to multiple projects or projects to multiple leads with just one entry?!

RealNex has always had an ability to track leads on all your projects to generate comprehensive client reports. We have now made it even faster and easier. Suppose you get a sign call on one property but end up discussing several opportunities you have available. Simply right-click on a contact and select “add to project”. From there you can add that one contact to any number of active projects. All the projects will appear under that contacts name for easy follow up, while the initial entry and all updates will also show up discretely in each client report. That was easy!

What if you want to add multiple contacts to a new listing? Simple, just open the project and add any number of contacts as leads. You can even create new contacts as part of the process! And, so you don’t clutter up your database with scores of unqualified leads, you can code the leads as “suspects” or any term you choose so you can easily progress them into your active prospects or filter them out of future follow up. You can also use system codes to manage each lead through a deal lifecycle with your own defined terms for status, result and reasons to easily generate detailed reports and manage performance.

Check out our video to see these new enhancements in action!

To learn more about the incredible array of new features click here. One of our Client Success Team representatives will contact you. You might also want to attend one of our informative weekly solution demo sessions to learn more and make the most of your RealNex solution. Click here to register for the session of your choice.

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