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Did Ya know, we have added Fast Text Tool to Keyword Search?!

Posted by RealNex on Jan 3, 2020 3:30:00 PM

Did Ya Know, we added a new Fast Text Tool to CORE CRM Keyword Search?!

When managing a large database it can become a challenge to find records as fast and easily as you might like. With Keyword Search in RealNex CRM you can find any of your entries by simply typing in a partial name or number. For example, let’s say you remember meeting a guy named David, but can’t remember his last name and you aren’t sure if you called him Dave or David. In Keyword Search you can type in “Da” to find him. In that case any “Dave” or “David” or even “Davidson” would show up. That search would also return “Dan”, “Daniel” or “Daymark Building” or even a property on “Candida St.”! And it would be slower than necessary as it searches every two-letter string in your database.

If you don’t have an exact match the key word partial name is your best option. But when you know a name and want to get to it fast, use our new Fast Text Tool. With the new Fast Text, you can toggle your Keyword Search to access exact matches in select naming fields for blazing fast results. With Fast Text, type in “David” and you are instantly presented with any “David” in your system. You can then pick the David you want and go to work.

Fast Text can be accessed on the top right of your CRM screen.

Fast Text image

To see Fast Text in action check out this quick video.

To learn more about the incredible array of new features click here. One of our Client Success Team representatives will contact you. You might also want to attend one of our informative weekly solution demo sessions to learn more and make the most of your RealNex solution. Click the link below to register for the session of your choice.


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