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Did Ya Know, you can easily create a corporate hierarchy with CORE CRM?!

Posted by RealNex on Mar 23, 2020 8:00:00 AM

Did ya know, you can easily set up a corporate hierarchy in CORE CRM?!

Many organizations have multiple subsidiaries with multiple locations. With RealNex CORE CRM to manage these enterprises from the ground up or the top down. You might be dealing with a Franchise organization, that has a regional franchisee will several properties for example. Or you might be dealing with an investor that has set up multiple LLCs for each property or portfolio they own. With most systems you can’t easily establish these relationships or capture views of contacts or locations at each level of the enterprise. This is naturally built into the RealNex CORE CRM architecture.

When you are dealing with an enterprise like this you can create an Organization as the overarching umbrella entity, the Franchisor for example. They may have a national and regional site selection team and corporate and regional offices. Under that, the regional master Franchisee will have its own leadership team of contacts. They will also have a headquarters location, while each local franchisee will have its decision makers and operational locations. By building out the framework like this you can target pursuits at the local, regional and even national levels. So simple, yet so powerful.

Take a look at this quick video to see you can build, access and manage large scale enterprise relationships with ease!

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