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Did Ya Know, you can manage Leads and Projects from Contacts?!

Posted by RealNex on Mar 28, 2020 3:00:00 PM

Did Ya Know you can manage Projects and Leads from Contacts?!

It takes minute to understand the best way to manage  Leads and Projects  from a Contact Record. First you need to understand that Projects can be listings for sale or lease, tenant or buyer rep, or other assignments you undertake. These projects are created in the Projects Table and the engaging Client Contact is linked to that Project there.

From within Contacts you are managing any Projects they are interested in or any Leads interested in that Contact’s Projects. Think about it like this, if you add a Contact to a Project, they are actually Leads on that Project. So, for example if a Contact is a Lead on 3 of your Listings you would add them to those Projects as a Lead. Those Projects would then appear on that Contact’s Projects menu. If they are the client on a Project, any Leads on their Projects would show up on their Leads menu. A little tricky but once you get it, it makes sense and is easy to follow.

The attached video will help to clarify the orientation of how the Contact “Party” and “Counter Party” Roles are managed using Projects and Leads.

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