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Did Ya Know, MarketEdge has added Business Maps

Posted by RealNex on Aug 9, 2019 11:12:53 AM

Did Ya Know, RealNex just added Business Maps to MarketEdge…and WOW, they are amazing!

Like with any other MarketEdge Map, we automatically plot the subject property and allow you to set the zoom level and view type (Road, Terrain, Satellite and Hybrid). We even include a 3D-view while zoomed in on Satellite mode.

What’s so incredible about Business Maps is the data overlays. The system comes with a database of business locations so you can plot other businesses and their proximity to the subject property. Simply select your search radius and pick the businesses by type or name and MarketEdge plots them on the map. We supply a vast library of company logos for the most professional display. If desired, you can even group logos into one building for an even cleaner look. What’s more, you can modify the subject property pin or business locations with any logo or graphic image you like.

To make your Business Maps even better, you can add Text Boxes to denote points of interest such as transit stations, parks, landmark buildings, major arteries or anything you’d like. And, all the display items can be customized with color borders, fills, boldness and sizing.

If that’s not enough, how about a drawing tool to create polygons with custom fills to highlight parcels! Simply amazing.

Click the link to check out a video introduction to the new Business Maps in MarketEdge!

Find out more about this and other new features by clicking here. One of our Client Success Team representatives will contact you. You might also want to attend one of our informative weekly solution demo sessions to learn more and make the most of your RealNex solution. Click the link below to register for the session of your choice.



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