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Four times you wished your CRM was mobile friendly

Posted by RealNex on Apr 26, 2017 9:38:51 AM


It just might be an understatement to say that the smartphone has become indispensible in our personal lives. In fact, with 77% of Americans owning a smartphone, the odds are high that you may be reading this post from your smartphone right now.

Not only are smartphones being utilized for entertainment and staying in touch with family and friends, but they allow for quick-paced business communications, decisions and transactions. Utilizing a CRM that is mobile, like the RealNex CORE CRM, is key to taking advantage of this quicker pace and accessibility for your CRE business. Perhaps there have been times when you wished your current CRM was mobile or maybe -- the mobile CRM will change the way you do business entirely. Here are four scenarios for the mobile CRM:

1. When you just happen to meet a potential client

You might be sitting next to someone on the train, lying on a beach (if you’re really lucky), waiting for your third-grader's play to begin -- you never know when you might strike up a conversation with a potential client. Without pointing fingers, you might have various scraps of paper rattling around your briefcase, purse or junk drawer with names, numbers, and email addresses that you intend to put into your CRM. With a mobile-friendly CRM, you can fully stock your CRM with new potentials right on the spot. Take their picture. Jot down personal notes that will help you connect later. Return home with that work already finished.

2. When you need a handle on everything in your market

Preparation is key to successful client meetings. The mobile CRM gives you an advantage with unexpected requests. If a client expresses interest in investing in a certain type of property, be certain your mobile CRM has access to a Listing Search feature. This will allow you to suggest appropriate properties immediately. Don’t waste time or allow space for interest to wane.  

3. When You Have Time to Kill

The smartphone is a great entertainer during forced downtime. But instead of perusing Facebook or playing Dots, a mobile CRM helps you get down to business. If you find yourself with time to kill in an airport, waiting for a client to show up to an appointment, or commuting -- with a mobile CRM you can use that down time to get work done.

Follow up with clients, check the newest listings or identify old prospects to reach out to later. There is always something productive to do with your CRM at your fingertips.

4. When You Left a Document on the Printer

One of the best parts of our digital age is the flexibility and freedom afforded by Cloud technology -- no need for reams of paper or specific documents (and no need to fight with your printer). With a mobile CRM, like the RealNex CORE app, you can have all your documents available from your smartphone. Just call up the document and you won’t miss a beat. In fact, attach documents to contacts, properties, companies, projects and more. Or make documents available in a virtual deal room and monitor who accesses them and when -- the prospecting opportunities are endless.

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