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Four ways your CRM can up your prospecting game

Posted by RealNex on May 8, 2017 11:58:55 AM

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Working in the commercial real estate industry probably means you are constantly prospecting and looking for new leads. Whether you are prospecting through networking events, social media or other means, one prospecting tool that might get overlooked is your very own CRM. Let’s dig into how to prospect that particular goldmine:

1. Reach Out to Closed Clients 

It’s easy to overlook past clients – but that’s a huge mistake. Don't stop providing excellent customer once the initial transaction has finished. Reaching out to closed clients to see how their purchase or lease is working out for them not only helps to build a long-lasting working relationship, but also can lead to referrals, new leads and new repeat business. Set up your CRM to remind you when certain milestones are achieved – then reach out. You also want to keep in touch with former clients through content marketing and social campaigns. Establish yourself as an expert and then keep yourself within their line of vision. 

2. Pay Attention to Cold Leads 

While you want to focus most your time on hot leads and new leads, it is important to mix in cold leads as well. Setting up auto emails and drip campaigns for cold leads can help you stay in front of this group with minimum time investment. However, never forget that the real estate business lives and dies on relationships, so pick up the phone already. Reach out to cold leads via phone every few months just to see if they are ready to transact or if something has changed for them.

3. Create Workflows 

Within your CRM, create follow-up plans structured by lead type – buyer, investor, or seller, for instance.  Follow up on pre-planned dates with scripts that you have prepared in advance. Setting up tasks, dates and scripts in advance not only saves time, but allows you to gauge what scripts are working best. Make note of client reactions and tailor future scripts/edit current scripts to take advantage of what is working. Workflows are excellent ways to gather numerical and anecdotal data that will pay off.

4. Set Aside Daily Time to Work Your CRM 

A great CRM, like RealNex’s CORE product, can do wonders for your business, but like any other tool – you have to pick it up and practice your trade. Try setting small, achievable daily goals: call 25 people, follow-up with 10 former clients, set 20 tasks. The key is to create a plan and establish a routine that works for you. It is also imperative to use your CRM to establish your plan for the next day. Doing this means you hit the day running – game plan already in place.

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