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Is Your Building Ready for These 4 Technology Trends?

Posted by RealNex on Feb 11, 2020 8:00:00 AM

As the commercial real estate arena continues to adopt more advanced technologies, it’s changing more than just how we do business. 

To keep up with the latest cutting edge technologies emerging on the market, CRE’s physical properties need to be updated. 

Contemporary tenants are expecting their commercial properties to be equipped with the market’s hottest digital infrastructures and tech-fueled tools. Properties that are not able to deliver these amenities and services won’t be able to compete in CRE’s hot market. 

The tech integration is only going to get more intense this new year, meaning it’s a great time to start upgrading your CRE assets.

Is your physical property ready to meet these technology trends tenants are demanding in 2020? If not, it’s time to step up your game. Jump on board these 4 trends to stay current and appeal to tenants this new year.

The Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things has changed commercial real estate for good.

This system of interconnected networks integrates all of your building’s tech devices into one software web. Through the IoT, commercial buildings can hook up their devices; such as computers, phones, and tablets, to the main software system that controls them all. 

Employing the IoT in your CRE property will give tenants increased control, greater access, and more convenient than ever before.

Increased Infrastructure

If you want to stay on top of the up and coming tech trends, you’ll need to add more technological infrastructure. 

A system of satellites, wifi, cables, and other devices need to be set up within the physical building in order for new technologies to function at optimum capacity. Without this support system, even the best tech tools won’t be able to do their job correctly. 

Adding more infrastructure to your building will also provide faster wifi, better cellular connection, and seamless Bluetooth connectivity - all of which are powerful in attracting tenants. 

Invest in 5G Connectivity

5G is here and it’s quickly becoming the new norm. 5G is taking wireless connectivity to a completely new level - making our digital tools work faster, enabling greater remote storage, and transferring data without a hitch. 

If you want to employ 5G in your property this new year, you’ll need to update your tech infrastructure to be able to handle this immense jump in digital capacity.  

Make the Transition to Smart Technology 

Smart Technology took the commercial real estate world by storm in 2019. As the year comes to a close, all things Smart already stand as the baseline for CRE properties - and tenants are expecting access these tools. 

If you haven’t already, now is a great time to employ Smart tech within your commercial property. The options are endless; with Smart locks, lights, security systems, thermostats, and more. This is a great way to market to tech-savvy tenants who are demanding these types of advanced digital capacities. 

Don’t get swept away by the times. Upgrade your physical building’s technology to stay relevant in 2020 - you’ll be glad you did. 

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