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Leasing Managers and Agents: 5 Things RealNex Can Help You With

Posted by RealNex on Mar 28, 2023 12:43:00 PM

Leasing managers and agents, are you looking to streamline your commercial real estate workflows in 2023 and beyond to have a more productive and efficient year? 

Meet our Transaction Manager. Giving you the power of both an online portal and a user-friendly mobile app, RealNex’s Transaction Manager combined with RealNex Navigator allows you to get more deals done from wherever you are. 

Created with the busy leasing management workflow in mind, we’ve made sure that whether you’re at your desk or on the go at client meetings and site visits, you’ll never miss a beat. 

Read on to learn more about how RealNex makes leasing a breeze — helping you do your best work, even better. 

#1. Quickly Convert Prospects into Active Deals 

With RealNex Navigator, you can easily set up tours with prospects and share the schedule and details with your team. Our digital protocols also take the load off of your clients by empowering them to view their offerings without having to step foot out of their offices. 

To help make the process even smoother, our rating system will rank the best choices — helping you focus on a short touring list and find your best-fitting properties with less time and effort. 

When it comes to mastering your lead follow-up and prospect outreach, you can pre-set your preferred marketing campaign details. This will ensure you never miss a follow-up opportunity while also keeping a strong record of the prospect’s activity history. It’s never been easier to stay on your A-game! 

#2. Showcase Your Market Expertise 

Your clients want to work with the most knowledgeable professional in your market, so make sure they’re constantly impressed by your consistent insights. 

RealNex Navigator makes it effortless to keep your finger on the pulse of your local market, helping you to build, maintain, and apply your expertise. 

With RealNex, you can incorporate your own proprietary knowledge into client-facing materials, capture images and tenant rosters to send to clients, and demonstrate your market authority with our lease comps manager. 

These tools keep you abreast of everything going on in your market, from asset owners to the market’s best, and allow you to act on them quickly — meaning new opportunities will be lining up for both you and your clients. 

#3. Decision Making is Faster with Our Detailed Financials 

We know that you need to be able to make swift and efficient decisions whenever sudden business opportunities arise. To ensure that you have all of the information in hand to make the right calls, RealNex equips you with detailed financial data and other important metrics.

RealNex Navigator tracks all inquiries, RFPs, proposals, and contracts in one organized digital location. The tool also monitors and records transaction lifecycle timing, and ensures that you have a full grasp of your local market activity by recording the size of deals and the most active tenant reps. 

#4. Know Who Your Prospects Are and How to Reach Them 

To help you effectively hone into your niche market and find the prospects that are most aligned with your business, RealNex Navigator identifies your best leads and gives you the tools you need to reach them with compelling marketing. 

With RealNex, you’ll be able to determine which tenants in your database are the best fit for your various opportunities based on characteristics you feed into the system — like the property’s size, location, industry, lease expiration date, and more. 

Once you’ve identified the prospects that are most likely to convert, RealNex allows you to create stunning marketing materials. Anything from flyers, brochures, and property-specific websites can be built with ease, and customized with your branding. 

With just a few clicks, you can also run targeted eMarketing Campaigns to drive traffic and engage prospects in your area. 

To get even more eyes on your leasing opportunities, you can also lease your available units in the RealNex Marketplace — a dynamic public platform where commercial real estate properties and prospects get connected. 

#5. Speed Up Workflows and Reporting 

In addition to all of these capabilities we’ve explored, RealNex Navigator helps you get ahead of your day-in, day-out tasks. RealNex simplifies the process of managing and responding to incoming inquiries, allowing you to follow up with floor plans and availabilities with only a few taps. 

When it comes time to report to your clients, our Real-Time online reporting tool generates comprehensive consolidated presentations — taking the workload off of your already packed business schedule. That means more time to dedicate to new prospects while still rolling out the red carpet for your existing clients. 

Eager to learn more and take the first steps with RealNex? Click here to get in touch and learn more, or here to schedule your demo!

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