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RealFit Application to Revolutionize Commercial Leasing Process

Posted by Sarah Brenner Jones on Sep 14, 2016 3:47:06 PM

RealFit creates test fit models that feature 3D walk-throughs

HOUSTON – September 13, 2016 – RealNex, a commercial real estate technology company, today announced the introduction of RealFit, a cloud-based, test fit application that uses 3D models of commercial spaces, floors, or entire buildings to more efficiently execute the space planning process.

Historically, the commercial leasing process has involved a lengthy and expensive back and forth interaction between tenants, landlords, and architects. There are plans, revisions, and mark-ups, all complicated by surprising or unplanned financial implications. RealFit circumvents the protracted course of design and revision by placing interactive 2D and 3D layout tools in the hands of property managers, leasing agents, and potential tenants. Built with existing cad files, RealFit’s virtual models enable clients to add and move walls, doors, windows or arrange office furniture – a process that culminates in a 3D walk-through to ensure that spaces and layouts are optimally designed. Users can lay out multiple test fits and then save those as interactive virtual tours to share with their team, both local and remote. The cherry on top is the ability to export the build-out data for each test fit, including a complete price analysis. RealFit features include:

  • 2D, scaled manipulation of building layout and furniture
  • 3D, immersive virtual walk through
  • Ability to look out the windows to experience actual views
  • Renderings of each test fit
  • Underlying data for build out and pricing in Excel spreadsheets

 “RealFit offers a distinct financial advantage in shortening the leasing process,” explained RealNex CEO, Jeff Finn. “But it also allows clients to visualize, both aesthetically and functionally, their company inside the design itself. RealFit conveys the visual advantages of a space and practical solutions that increase close rates and accelerate lease cycles.”

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RealNex is a leading commercial real estate technology solutions company. It strives to become the portal and marketplace for the commercial real estate industry by integrating sector-based solutions to improve marketplace efficiency, transparency and liquidity. Its singular solution is designed to improve user success by increasing accuracy, professionalism and productivity. 


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