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RealNex Mastermind with Josh Marcell - Implementing the CRE "Operating System"

Posted by RealNex on Oct 25, 2021 11:33:19 AM

The October 21, 2021 RealNex Mastermind Session featured Josh Marcell, EVP Tenant Representation at Moody Rambin, the largest independent brokerage firm in Houston, Texas. During the session Josh discussed his company’s process of evaluating CRE Technology Solutions and successfully implementing RealNex Navigator as the company’s “Operating System”.

Historically, Moody had done what many brokerage firms had, adopting a Salesforce based solution, only to find that it required multiple add-ons and an on-staff developer to keep the system running. The costs in time and money were exorbitant and the cumbersome nature resulted in poor adoption and reduced value.

In looking for a new system the company had the following goals:

  • Unified system
  • Significant agent adoption
  • Reduce expenditure
  • Increased flexibility
  • Wide library of tools
  • Support
  • On-going responsible development

After a comprehensive review and evaluation of multiple industry alternatives, Moody Rambin selected RealNex and began the implementation and on-boarding in February 2021. The results have been incredibly impactful.

  • Consolidated five applications
    • Added several additional capabilities
  • 80% adoption rate
  • Approximate 50% reduction in spend
  • Internal assets able to use effectively
  • Broad use of applications
  • Outstanding customer service
  • No significant downtime

In further evaluating the impact on the business, Josh highlighted the efficiency gains by both agents and back-office teams being able to readily share information to quickly create marketing materials and financial analyses. Importantly, he focused on the ability to track and manage the detailed success of marketing campaigns. With the integrated CRM RealCampaigns, Moody agents know how to best follow up with each prospect given their level of interest and engagement.

The impacts on the Moody Rambin business have been multi-dimensional. RealNex has improved client service, management visibility and agent productivity.

To win business today, it takes more than relationships. It requires systems and processes and the highest level of professionalism. Clients expect a technology driven approach. With RealNex the Moody Rambin team is able to showcase a process to win business and engage with their clients to execute most efficiently.

With agents using the platform to win and execute business, management has visibility into performance, productivity and pipeline like never before. And, by having access to all the required information and applications in one system, agents are able to effectively prospect and manage their priorities to optimize productivity.

During the Q&A the discussion covered such varied topics as soft-phone/dialer integration, data imports, comps, data base development with the mobile app and much more. While we covered many of the highlights in this post, please view the recording to capture full value of the session.

Please plan to join us for the next session November 18, 2021 at 4:00 with Adam Von Romer as he discusses the use of BOVs, Offering Memos and Deal Rooms to win exclusive listings and sell investment property.

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