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Shopping for New CRE Tech? 5 Things to Consider

Posted by RealNex on Mar 9, 2020 8:00:00 AM

Revamping your commercial real estate tech tools is required to stay current in this quickly adapting industry. In today’s business, CRE and technology go hand-in-hand. Brokerages need to make sure that they’re providing their team with the best tech resources that the industry has to offer. 

Investing in winning technologies is the best way to boost business, productivity, and efficiency. A brokerage’s tech tools are a big deal, so don’t risk making a weak investment. There are so many CRE tech software options out there that brokerages should approach shopping with a strategy - and our team at RealNex is here to help.

Here are 5 considerations to make while shopping for your brokerage’s new CRE technologies.

Consider Mobile Compatibility 

Today’s CRE professionals are always on the go, and they need technology they can rely on. 

Commercial real estate isn’t a static business - there are always places to go and people to see. Whether your brokerage’s team members are visiting a site, meeting with a client, or commuting to give a walkthrough tour, they’ll need to take their work with them. 

Always shop for advanced mobile capacities to make sure that your team has everything they need - anytime, anywhere. 

Zoom In on Value Proposition 

Technology shoppers should be looking out for tech tools with a strong value proposition. Getting the most bang for your buck is key for making a savvy software investment. Pay special attention to the purchasing price compared to the anticipated gains your brokerage will see from using this new tool. 

This will help you zoom in on the best deals and steer clear of wasted investments. 

Research Time: See What Users Have to Say 

Don’t always take what CRE tech providers have to say at face value. Kick your research up a notch by looking at what users have to say about their experience. Search the web for reviews, feedback, and any other information regarding what it’s actually like to use the tech tool post-purchase. 

This way, you’ll avoid any unexpected issues. 

Prioritize Tech that is User-Friendly 

When shopping for new CRE tech solutions, always keep your team at the forefront of your mind. Remember, it’s your firm’s agents and brokers who will be using the technology - and any tech can only be optimized when it’s easy to operate. 

Tech upgrades are supposed to make workflows easier, not more complicated. Clunky, disorganized, or hard to navigate systems can be a pain to master, so look for something aesthetic and straightforward that does the hard work for your team. 

When vetting a CRE tech software, examine it from a user-friendly perspective. 

Look for Options That Align with Your Existing Tech Stack 

When it comes to staying organized and streamline your brokerage’s workflows, technological integration is everything. The key to making the right choices in CRE tech is all about facilitating a seamless integration of software. 

Don’t forget to shop with your brokerage’s current tech stack in mind. Look for options that will easily align with your existing systems so that you’re making the most out of the purchase. A great way to achieve this is by working with RealNex - The Technology Behind the Deal™

If you’re interested in how RealNex can help build a winning tech toolkit for your commercial brokerage firm and convert your pipeline into profits, visit our website


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