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Streamlining Your CRE Workflow in 2023

Posted by RealNex on Mar 14, 2023 11:30:00 AM

Want to get more done in less time, with less friction, and less stress? Your best bet for streamlining your commercial real estate workflow in the new year is to leverage RealNex. 

Here’s a look at some of the ways that RealNex is helping to enhance commercial real estate processes in 2023 and beyond, helping your business become more productive, efficient, and ready for success. 

The Latest Generation of RealNex is Here

After closely analyzing industry best practices and professional preferences, we’ve elevated the RealNex Navigator to drive operational excellence with even greater ease of use.

The all-in-one commercial real estate platform, RealNex Navigator, has just been updated with amazingly powerful new capabilities and offerings. 

Here’s the latest on the newest release at a glance: 

  • 222 new presentation templates have been incorporated into our already vast library of easy-to-use marketing materials
  • An updated workflow sequence that is informed by industry best practices has been applied to our CRM
  • New data fields to better manage business development have been incorporated 
  • Automated market intelligence improves lead generation, helping match the right prospects with your commercial real estate leasing opportunities
  • An ultra-powerful Turbo Search feature is now available to help you quickly and easily access targeted information 

Let’s take a closer look at some of the ways that RealNex Navigator has been upgraded. 

RealNex MarketEdge Has Been Updated and Refreshed

Our expert team of designers has created a robust portfolio of marketing materials that make creating professionally designed presentations, reports, and marketing materials easy and quick. 

RealNex MarketEdge’s template library can be instantly made to adopt your brand’s color palette and logo, enabling you to build a wide array of marketing collateral that is sure to impress clients. 

Now, with our recent enhancements, MarketEdge offers new template designs that give you even more versatility as you create and share flyers, brochures, proposals, broker opinions of value, and much more. 

The RealNex CRM Now Reflects Current Processes and Best Practices 

In the latest update, the RealNex CRM has been further improved to incorporate business best practices in everything from workflows to processes. 

To zero in on the exacting needs of today’s commercial real estate professionals, we interviewed hundreds of clients and closely studied the industry’s best practices. These insights have allowed RealNex to offer an enhanced user experience along every step of the dealmaking journey. 

The RealNex CRM is now even better equipped to assist commercial real estate professionals in navigating their daily tasks — from assisting current clients to attracting new prospects, converting opportunities, and closing more deals.  

The newest developments feature tools that allow for seamless modeling of properties, client profiling, business development, and deal management. 

For easier task management, client company profiles now roll-up, providing enhanced portfolio monitoring — giving you a bird’s eye view over all of your active clients. To help you move new prospects through your sales funnel, all leads are tracked based on their status and stage of pursuits and transactions. 

To ensure that all metrics are as strong and accurate as possible, data integrity has been assured with system tables that provide the most common options and results. 

Keystrokes have also been reduced, making the RealNex user experience more straightforward, swift, and agile. 

Turbo Search Takes The RealNex CRM to the Next Level 

The RealNex CRM has offered a powerful search engine, featuring a flexible display capability that allowed commercial real estate professionals to create and save favorites for enhanced customization. 

To save time, the search engine has been pre-loaded with the most common filters, such as lease or listing expiration, properties by type, size, and value, and investors based on specific criteria. 

The search process has become more vigilant than ever, providing exact matches to specific record searches in milliseconds. Our new market intelligence service puts even more information in the palm of your hand by providing automatically generated high-probability sale and lease leads. 

Explore the New and Improved RealNex Navigator Today!

If you’re looking to improve your commercial real estate business workflows in the new year, look no further than the latest generation of RealNex. 

Whether you are a long-time RealNex user or a first-timer, you’re going to love the solution’s latest generation. The experience is bespoke of excellence, while the results are powerful enough to take your business to new levels of efficiency, productivity, and growth. 

From lead generation to long-term client and portfolio management, RealNex is uniquely positioned to help you succeed. 

To learn more about RealNex and how we provide The Technology Behind the Deal, visit our website. If you’re interested in experiencing the RealNex difference for yourself, schedule a demo today!

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