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Streamlining Your Real Estate Workflow with Technology

Posted by RealNex on Mar 19, 2019 8:00:00 AM

When it comes to efficiency and organization, our team at RealNex believes that turning to technology is the best way to go. In the busy world of CRE, tasks can build up with groundbreaking speed. When you’re fighting to get back on top, it’s easy to make mistakes - but in this industry, any slip up can be a potential disaster.

The best way to keep up with the ever-growing quantity while producing the highest quality is by streamlining your work week with the best productivity apps in the game. We’ve taken these tried-and-true methods of organized success to a whole new level by updating them with the latest technological tools.

Everyone needs to get an edge over their ‘to-do’ list. With these 3 methods and apps, you can start tackling projects like a pro.

Manage Your Time Wisely with Toggl

Time is the undercurrent for everything we do. Efficiency goes hand in hand with how well one is able to manage their time, and Toggl is our favorite way to stay on the ball. This app fits right into the CRE business and can really help agents and brokers keep up to speed with all they have to do.

Toggl is user-friendly and intuitive; working alongside you to make sure you’re managing time responsibly. This app tracks the amount of time spent on each task, so users can reflect on the data and come up with strategies to improve for next time around. Since every second counts, make the best of it with Toggl.

Rethink Social Media with Hootsuite

Activism on social media platforms has become an unsaid necessity for CRE. Although it always looks so easy, navigating through all the different platforms can be time consuming and exasperating. The time that could be spent with clients or closing deals now has to be portioned out between Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, personal websites… the list goes on.

Hootsuite is revisioning the way social media is used for professionals. This app splits a screen into your different online social platforms so you can scroll, update, and post on all of them at once. Not only is this time and energy efficient, but it can also aid in substantiating a unified voice for all the different platforms since there is literally no in-between room.

Consolidate Into One with RealNex

There are countless different facets of CRE, and every aspect makes up an important part of the system. When you’re working on so many different dimensions, the gap creates resistance and separation of information. RealNex is here to provide next-level technological solutions for this issue of disconnection.

RealNex has combined all the tools and services that CRE professionals need into one unified platform. With a CRM, lease analysis, marketing, a marketplace and more; this clear connection is the best way for agents and brokers to streamline their workflow. Not only is RealNex client friendly, but it’s also a key choice for tech-savvy and data-driven members of the CRE world.

Clean up your workflow with these breakthrough tricks for streamlining. To learn more about introducing RealNex into your business, click here.

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