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That's #CRE #CREAGH March 2021

Posted by RealNex on Mar 29, 2021 11:20:50 AM

In the March That’s #CRE #CREAGH session, RealNex lead developer Tim Creagh took a deep dive into two of the most recent system enhancements Global Pages and CRM RealCampaigns. These powerful time-saving features add even more breadth to the RealNex solution’s marketing capabilities.

By integrating RealCamaigns, clients can now run all their email marketing programs directly from their CRM. While RealCamaigns had only been available in MarketPlace to send out listing promotions in the past, the system now enables any number of messages to be sent straight from CRM to individuals or large groups of prospects. RealNex comes pre-loaded with over 16 templates formatted from simple text to graphically designed Newsletters, Research Reports, Announcements, Open Houses and Video marketing campaigns. Each template can be edited and personalized with colors and logos and then saved for future use. Of course, it’s easy to add photos, videos and links. If desired clients can even build their own templates from scratch or they can drop in their custom html code.

A great advantage of RealCampaigns is the ability to run CRM queries to target just the right prospects for a campaign customized with information from their personalized information. For example, if you are running a campaign on pending lease expirations, you can easily merge in the name of the prospect, their location, space, rate and expiration date. You can actually include any field in the RealNex CRM database!  

To easily inspect your campaign, be sure to send yourself a test email as if you were one of the campaign recipients. This feature assures that the message will appear just as you desire in the target mailbox.

With campaigns generated from CRM, not only is a log created and stored in the contact's record, but users also receive key statistics to efficiently manage follow-up activities. You’ll know where campaigns were sent and delivered, who opened and clicked and which ones bounced or were dropped. You’ll even know which specific links were clicked.

Be mindful that campaigns will not be sent to any of your contacts who have been flagged as Do Not Email or have specifically unsubscribed from emails.

All RealNex Navigator Subscribers receive 1000 free RealCampaign messages per month. CRM users will need to subscribe to a base package of campaigns which can be added for as little $10/month for 5,000.

The new Global Pages tool in MarketEdge, allows you to build a library of pages that will be accessible and, if desired, automatically added to any of your presentations. Global Pages can include PDFs that you build outside RealNex or Custom Pages built from within MarketEdge.

With Custom Pages you can adopt a page layout and set what is to appear in each page section. One section can be headline text, another bullets, paragraphs or data fields and others can be photos or maps. Maps will even remember the zoom level and type. Once a Custom Page is built it will automatically pull corresponding data from the property profile and allow you to easily add any additional information needed into the preformatted template. With Global Pages you can build and save any number of Custom Pages and include them in appropriate presentations. For example, create an Apartment Profile, Office For Lease or Industrial For Sale Page. Add these pages to the corresponding Apartment, Office and Industrial Offering Memorandum Layouts and they will save you much needed time.

Margins have been added to Custom Pages. With Margins, page sections can be set for background colors to “bleed” to section boarders to create a solid field or have scaled offsets. Text can also be formatted to appear with desired buffers.

These were the main highlights but there is even more on the video. Click here to access the webinar replay.

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