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That's #CRE #CREAGH Episode 1

Posted by RealNex on Feb 5, 2019 12:40:51 PM

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Webinar Highlights

In this first of a monthly series of RealNex Product Updates, Head of Development Tim Creagh provides a recap of some of the most significant new system enhancements of the past year. Future episodes will focus on the just the most recent monthly updates.


  • Social Media– A hot link on each listing allows you to send information to your Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn channels. It also provides an email option.
  • Sale/Lease– MarketPlace Search now combines Sale or Lease as an option to see all possibilities in one view.
  • Saves Searches– Be sure to set your search to Notify you of any new additions or changes to matched listings.
  • Clone a Listing– No more redundant data entry, it is now one click to copy all your listing data to a new offering.
  • Map to Data Connection– Easily see the pin on the map of a property you are viewing in a list or tile; and when you highlight a map pin the list or tile details are highlighted.
  • Preview Screen– Select a map pin and the property Highlights appear, providing direct access to Google Maps for Satellite, StreetView and related tools.
  • Reports– Several new reports have been added including a map with list for the basis of a property tour.
  • Responsive Screens– All views have been edited to respond to screen size from the largest monitor to a hand-held mobile device.
  • Agent Profiles– Enhanced display to showcase agents, their expertise and their listings. Be sure to add your photo and track record.
  • Listing Management –
    • All Priority fields at the top of the page
    • Collapse or expand detail sections
    • Jump from to section with new Tab structure
    • Space Availability grid for consolidated view and faster data entry
    • Added space level detail and photos – all on one page
    • Save button always accessible at top f page
    • Administrators can readily add multiple agents and change primary and secondary team members.
  • Listing Feed from MarketEdge- You can now send your MarketEdge Property Listings directly to MarketPlace
  • Search on Zoom– The system is restricted to 500 results from search. You can now set the system to update the search whenever to zoom in or change the map view.


We have virtually completed the migration of all desktop features and capabilities to the cloud. And the cloud has many features not available on the desktop.

  • Navigation– Within detailed records you can now scroll through the list with a Next and Previous tool.
  • Verification– With one click you can verify a record is up to date; includes time stamp and who verified.
  • Linked Records– Our powerful relational database structure allows any record to be linked with any number of other records. Associate Contacts with companies, properties, projects or spaces…Jump to any linked record without leaving the record you are on. For example, from a contact open a company or property record without leaving the contact.
  • Look-up Linked– Linked Records are incredibly powerful. For example, how do you find all the owners of property in a search without duplication. Easy, find the properties you are seeking then simply Look-Up Linked Owners.
  • Columns– In any list view you can customize columns and set favorites for different group list views. Make your lease expiration one view and your apartment buyers another and access with one click.
  • System Tables– Customize RealNex to work like you do. You can easily tailor your RealNex Codes to match your terminology and workflow. Customize tables for Events, Histories, Deal Status, Property Types and even attachments. You can even reorder the terms, add color coding and set activity duration times.

More to come…

Updates generally come out every Tuesday. Look for them and learn what’s new by watching short 90-second highlight videos

Look for these exciting updates and much more in February:


  • Unlimited Phone Numbers, emails and physical addresses
  • Global Replacement – create a list and change a field in all selected records
  • Duplicate Check and Merge
  • Weblinks – access and retrieve associated third-party data based on a RealNex Key field.


  • On-Screen editor with font, size, style, color and spacing control
  • Photo pages – multiple pages with various layouts of up to 6 photos per page. Drag and Drop with Titles and sub-Titles

To replay the webinar, click here.

Plan to join us February 28 at 4:00 EST for the next edition of That’s #CRE #CREAGH.

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