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The New RealNex Platform - a Q & A with Jeff Finn

Posted by Sarah Brenner Jones on Sep 13, 2016 8:00:00 AM

Over the holiday weekend RealNex released a new portal and dashboard – including migrating the legacy products into three newly-configured components. Much of the new user interface is intuitive, but to give you a closer look into the changes happening at RealNex, we are asking RealNex CEO, Jeff Finn, to give us the inside scoop.

Q: Current customers are accustomed to the legacy branding. How do the new components work? And where can I find the tools I used before?

A: Our new platform combines the legacy tools into three central components. Our product is now organized by function and moves you seamlessly through an entire deal cycle. Here’s how it works:

  • CORE – This component centralizes your data and manages people, property, and project information. CORE includes the RealNex CRM plus lease transaction and tour book apps.
  • MarketEdge – In MarketEdge you will find investment and lease analyses tools. Leverage the data in the CRM to run reports and then utilize that information to create a collection of professional marketing materials – flyers, proposals, collateral and offering memoranda. The deal room, where you can track and close deals, is also found in MarketEdge.
  • MarketPlace – This is where you connect with the market. List and search our extensive database of properties. MarketPlace also houses eMarketing – a tool to send digital flyers to your own private contacts or to the RealNex database.


All of the tools you used before are listed in the menu bar at the left of the screen. As a side note: We’ve also incorporated a CRE news feed generated by the The News Funnel – it slides out on the right.


Q: What is the new ‘My Listings’ feature on the dashboard? What does it do? And how can I get it?

A: The ‘My Listings’ feature is actually our new AREAS app located right on your dashboard. Originally designed for Economic Development Councils, AREAS has been reconfigured for commercial real estate brokerages – a way to feature company listings and agents in a data-rich format. One of the great things about AREAS is the way it can also be embedded in your company website. Not only does it highlight your listings and your agents, but it’s excellent content for website visitors – providing them with compelling maps and a variety of data sets (demographics, business data, drive times, and more). Try a sample AREAS site:        AREAS

Q: Can you explain how Groups works? How can I use groups for better prospecting?

A: Groups is a new feature in the CRM that allows you to tag people into buckets of your own choosing. Once the group is formed, select those records with a single click. For example, you might want to create a group of all your multi-family buyers or vendors. 


Q: RealFit is marketed as a testfit application. How does it work and how do you get your property produced in the RealFit environment?

A: RealFit is a game changer for leasing cycles. Using your 2D or 3D cad files, our designers can produce a 3D replica of any floor, space or building. With the base model in place, clients  can use a drag-and-drop editor to build walls, insert doors, and arrange furniture. From there you can engage in a 3D walk-through that shows how the space will look and feel. Once you see that the space works physically, you will also be able to determine whether or not it works fiscally because RealFit automatically budgets the build out – the end goal being to foster quicker decision making and to encourage faster lease cycles. See RealFit in action here.


Q: What are a few of the other highlights of the new release?

A: Some improvements are evident and some are hidden. There are several key elements to this new version of the RealNex platform. First, there is a robust enhancement to the cloud version of the CRM, which is increasingly bringing the power of the desktop solution online. Next, is the overhaul of MarketEdge, which includes a  new, intuitive User Interface and a WYSIWYG design editor to create elegant marketing materials. Finally, we have greatly enhanced the Deal Rooms to streamline user access and improve data capture and activity metrics. But just as important as these more visible developments is the work we have done to rebuild the underpinning architecture. This consolidation and rewrite serve to accelerate the flow of data across the platform. With this new framework and foundation we have even more exciting additions to come.

If you are interested in learning more about the RealNex suite, sign up for a free demo:

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