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The Time is Now for Virtual Touring

Posted by RealNex on Oct 1, 2020 9:00:00 AM

Real estate, both commercial and residential, has been exploring new ways to conduct property showings for some time now. 

Agents and brokers have been competing on who could offer the most cohesive, simple, and convenient property tour method for marketing available listings. At the same time, tech development companies battled to provide the best tour capabilities for their users. 

These forces combined have propelled touring technology to incredible new heights. In the past, real estate professionals had to choose between a few very bland options. Now, with all the progress the industry has made, contemporary agents can choose and combine a multitude of property showing options - virtual tours, walkthrough video compilations, 3D dollhouse models, and now, even self-guided tours. 

Going Above and Beyond with the Self-Guided Tour 

As the business sought to overcome the traditional, self-guided tours are like nothing we’ve ever seen before. While this approach is still relatively new, it has already caught the attention of real estate professionals in every sector. 

The appeal is in the design. With a self-guided tour, prospective tenants are given the freedom to tour a listing on their own without an agent present. This system becomes possible by pairing technology with the in-person experience, and the result is highly favored by prospects. 

Prospects can tour anytime, anywhere, without having to set up a meeting or coordinate with an agent. Self-guided tours streamline the property search process by reducing the waiting time in between showings and making it simple and stress-free. 

It’s a forward-thinking approach that took the best of digital integration paired with the irreplaceable real-world experience to establish a completely new method of touring. 

From Residential to Commercial 

Companies like Rently have been offering self-guided tours for residential listings and it played a strong role in maintaining transactions during this year’s pandemic. Residents looking for a space to lease were able to maintain social distancing protocols without needing to hold off on their search process. 

This trend is quickly beginning to leak into the commercial sphere. Recently, multifamily properties have adopted this innovative touring process to show vacancies in large apartment complexes. 

The self-guided tour strategy is proving itself to be a vital asset for commercial agents during the COVID-19 era. Social distancing factors, ease of use, and efficiency make it a winner in the eyes of clients. Property management groups love it because this system frees up team members to take care of other, more pressing tasks. 

These are all reasons why the self-tour will likely stick around for CRE leasing. 

Virtual Touring Time has Arrives

Don’t miss out on the fast growing value proposition of virtual touring. Its surprisingly easy and exceedingly cost effective to implement. And what's more clients love it.

There are many reasons why prospects may not want to or are not able to visit a site in person. Long-distance, busy schedules and other inhibitors are still realities. Creating virtual models for your commercial properties satisfies the consumer demand for immersive online tour options. Virtual tour models also help bring pre-construction projects to life, allowing your team to solve problems before they ever happen. 

RealNex’s Quick Tour offers all this and more. Click here to learn more about RealNex’s Quick Tour.

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