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Thrive: Ten Prescriptions for Exceptional Performance as a Commercial Real Estate Professional.

Posted by Jeff Finn on Dec 12, 2019 7:00:00 AM

In the most recent edition of the RealNex Webinar Series, CEO Jeff Finn hosted Blaine Strickland CCIM, author of Thrive: Ten Prescriptions for Exceptional Performance as a Commercial Real Estate Professional. The hour-long webinar highlighted the findings of the book and was full of takeaways regarding the Ten Prescriptions.

The interactive discussion focused on the three main themes of the book...

  • Becoming a Dominant Force
  • Building a Team
  • Running your Operation as a Business
  • The book also includes an appendix of helpful reference points and a discussion just for brokerage owners and managers.

The Ten Prescriptions include:

  1. Prospecting isn’t fun and I’m already too busy
  2. I have more projects than I can manage
  3. Too much time gets wasted on deals that fall apart in the end
  4. I should be much more dominant in my niche
  5. Why am I working on these administrative tasks?  I need help!
  6. I have an assistant, but it is not working (again)
  7. We make the same mistakes over and over again
  8. I know he drags our team down, but I just can’t let him go
  9. I hate this time of year – I dread always having to start over
  10. My broker cares only about the next check I am supposed to bring in

The session drilled into several of these items with a focus on building your personal brand and becoming the Top of Mind authority in your market using the Power to Convene and related strategies such as the positive impact of focusing on a highly targeted universe of 125 prospects rather than trying to boil the ocean and making high impact personal impressions.

The session also focused on the importance of process and systems to win, manage and execute business most effectively. In particular, Blaine spoke about using Gantt charts and systems like RealNex to generate detailed workflows and series of events with accountable timelines and client reporting systems. By demonstrating when, what, who and how every step of a process is going to get done you not only build value, confidence and accountable in the eyes of the client, but also the control, capacity and capability to maximize scale and optimize efficiency. The use of systems and tools also assures quality and consistency to further build and amplify your brand.

Next, Blaine highlighted the power of teams and how best engage assistants and teammates to augment your skill set and leverage each member’s time by focusing on the most important and most urgent activities so you are not always in fire drill mode.

The wrap up included a discussion of managing your personal business to assure you achieve your annual objectives by implementing the daily steps required. The use of Pipeline Reports was analyzed as an essential tool to assure your business was on target to realize your goals.

To access the full playback of the session, click the link:

Thrive: Ten Prescriptions for Exceptional Performance as a Commercial Real Estate Professional


Click here to access the presentation deck.




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