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Top 10 Reasons to Adopt the RealNex Marketplace

Posted by RealNex on May 1, 2018 8:00:00 AM

All Commercial Listing Systems are not created equally. Some are too expensive, others too limited and only one is part of a completely integrated suite of CRE Tech solutions. More than a CRE Listing System, the RealNex MarketPlace is part of Full blown marketing automation machine. Getting started is simple...and it’s Free!

#1 - Free List and Search

The base level service is free! Free to List, Free to Search… And all listings are exposed to all browsers. It is our commitment to always have this free offering

#2 – Better Serve Clients with Watch Lists

Track and monitor specific listings. Get alerts and notifications. Share results with clients in a privately branded portal.

#3 - Generate Opportunities Saved Searches

For lead prospecting, you can set-up alerts based on a set of search criteria and any time a new listing is published that meets your criteria, you’ll be sent a link to the listing.

#4 - Enhance Decision Making with Data Overlays

The RealNex MarketPlace gives you access to advanced mapping feature. Using data layering technology, demographics like transit routes, traffic, heatmaps, and travel times are analyzed to help speed up the decision-making process.

#5 – Reach the best prospects fast with E-Marketing

Reach out to your private list or access our rapidly growing community of nearly 250,000 with beautifully designed single or multi property flyers – you can even have them custom branded.

#6 – Accelerate Cycle Time with Secure Deal Rooms

Very unique to the RealNex MarketPlace is our virtual Deal Room. Here you can upload and manage your transaction documents online. Streamline and accelerate sales processes with all Due Diligence in a vault to facilitate security and data distribution.

#7 – Monitor Results to Target Follow up with Advanced Analytics

Analyze key metrics and details on who has looked at properties, opened emails, or entered deal rooms. An incredible resource for lead follow-up.

#8 – Comprehensive Reporting and Deal Management with CRM Integration

Draw upon your CRM for targeted marketing campaigns and capture all results and activities. Follow up with ease on specific offerings to close deals and to generate leads for the next one!

#9 - Immersive 3D to Visualize New Projects or Raw Spaces

With our 3D Models you can showcase new developments or spaces and create virtual Test-Fits. This type of visualization allows prospects to experience the space before it exists. Add interactive or guided tours to capture the imagination and engage your prospects.

#10 – Website Plug In

The MarketPlace can be embedded in your corporate site or into the site of a Commercial Exchange to showcase offerings, facilitate collaboration and generate leads.

Try Our New All-In-One Listing Management/Marketing Automation System

If you are looking for one program to handle all of your CRE management needs, look no further. The RealNex MarketPlace is the most complete listing management system and part of the most comprehensive marketing automation platform on the market. Want to give it a spin first? You can post your listings publicly and view available properties for free. But if you want a one-stop-shop solution, you need to adopt the RealNex MarketPlace –request a demo now.

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